Mizuno were ok but the i20s felt awesome. Sam or one of the other guys could probably confirm this but they do have testers at mph…. Let me give you a plastic baseball bat and a wooden baseball bat, which will hit a ball further? The question I have is when your talking about this test that was done with Guy Crawford 3 years ago. In the fitting today, I tested him with 3 different lengths. OTOH, as previously noted in this thread, most golfers are better off with drivers that are shorter, not longer.

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We are here to help educate and empower golfers. In this case they basically nailed it. TaylorMade does have fitting centers across the country.

Pat Polzin 8 years ago. Most importantly, they were able to be efficient enough in doing so. Dec 18, 40 Comments.

PING I20 Driver – Review

Corey 8 months ago. The review said some might be better served by using the G20…. However they have never done it for me in terms of the looks. What these tests really show is the importance of trying all v20 the clubs that you like the look of and give you confidence, and then seeing which one performs the best on a launch monitor as well as on course. Here is a little info about me before I pick your brains.


Peter Koteas 4 years ago. Anyone here switch from the i15 to the i20? With all the other clubs I was much more inconsistent and the trajectory was much lower. Colin 7 years ago. I particularly enjoyed the shots of the impact tape. Steve also said that now and again because demo clubs have a thread and screw system for fitting, when the club is ordered Ping and other companies mygolvspy a standard shaft and glue it in, so there is a weight difference in the tip.

I suppose it depends on the club, but when I first started building clubs as a hobby 20 years ago, I had a course book from Ralph Maltby Golfworks component companyand it mentioned that for each half inch difference in irons, the swingweight would change by around 2.

PING G20 Driver – REVIEW

One thing immediately stood out … with the ultra light metal shaft I could feel where the club head was. A couple of our testers basically requested these, and although they were high on our list anyway, we’re happy to oblige. Farther, higher, softer, and somehow more forgiving….


I ended switching from a stiff shaft to a regular shaft. It was longer, more accurate and had a higher ball flight I hit the ball too low. KFlare 7 years ago.

Just a refresh which is normal. The 6 golfers for whom we collected detailed performance data were asked to hit a series of mygolfsly on our 3Track Equipped simulators from aboutGolf. The Ping retailer has repaired them all for free, but it seems like a major fault to me.

Finally found a used 8.

On a personal t20, I did my own study with my driver. I have one as well. Great study guys really interesting information. With the new Taylor R11S, you can change it by as much as 3 degrees. The symptoms are the same — the graphite cracks and splinters, then fractures. One thing i did find interesting, the Vertical Groove Driver, they were giving me all kinds of outrageous claims with regards to distance and it is clear it is just A. Dave 7 years ago. My gamer is a now a Rapture V2 at MrPete 7 years ago.