Carry out Head Cleaning. Media Cutting Sequence Model Name: How to replace the Cap Assembly Model Name: The original problem was the “no home position” message which was reset by going into service mode power on while holding top 3 keys , going to adj: How to replace the Cutter Blade Model Name:

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Explanation of Printing Operation Model Name: X X encoder check Menu Down A Postscript file can be identified by its “. Jun 13, 3 Miket New Member 4 0 0 Jun 12, Is that, holding the three top buttons while powering up?

The history displays a maximum of seven events. Are they all genuine comes out Mutoh cartridges? System Block Diagram Model Name: Head Board Assembly Model Name: Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs Refer to BAC Verification 6.

Mutoh RJ Printers and MFPs specifications

How to replace the T Fence Model Name: How to Replace the Cutter Model Name: Page 29 Primary Consultation Model Name: RJ— C O N 4010 0 1 0 I Fault maintenance work muhoh and how to use the Maintenance Manual When a user reports an equipment fault, use the following procedure to carry out fault recovery tasks.


RJ— P A T 1 0 0 0 Test Pattern When trouble related mufoh printing such as picture quality or printing precision has occurred, having this pattern output in the field can become the basis for identifying the cause of the problem from the maintenance manual.

Page Basic Specifications Model Name: In that case, open the control box and check the error by the LEDs on the main board.

Pull out the pressure shaft from the right side of the frame. RJ— B A C 1 0 6 0 This procedure is used to verify that the fans are working by turning them on and off.

Initial filling means to fill the head with ink to enable it to print. Replacement Replace the Panel Cable Procedure 1.

RJ Bearing Grid Roller – DEX – Spare Parts

Small Office; Number of pages per month: This is done by mechanical adjustments head tilt and firmware parameter adjustments. Page How to replace the Wiper Model Name: Page 8 Contents 4 Model Name: Replacement Replace the Ink Tubes Mutih 1. Page 7 Contents 3 Model Name: Please use recommended media. Remove media from the printer. Replacement Assembling is the reverse of the removal procedure.


Go to Reference: I set the home position by going into the service mode, selecting home and set position. Initialize Wait until the next message is displayed. You can add a parallel port for a second printer or other device ru buying and adding a parallel port adapter card to your computer.

Each type of ink comes in four colors. Which of the following applies to the error? Maintenance Unit Model Name: