Thanks for all the time you have provided to everyone to get their printers back. Other Products Other Products. The difference is “I know how to test it and I know what kind of trouble to look for and I know how to put it into “Service Mode” and examine the print from every nozzle. Trigger, Thanks for your step by step advice. View All Social Media. It uses the same ink carts and all the same parts except the printhead.

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I will send you a note and when you reply to that note with all the information about your printer I will be able to send you the instructions for cleaning your printhead and testing your printer. They prinrer very very precise and I was able to clean the head without having to go to the next phase of checking the purge unit – lucky!

Canon MP All-in-One Driver Download | Free Download

I have changed the cartrdige with a new one but with no luck. In some of the pagesthere would be up to 10 sentences where the horizontal white streaks of ink deficient printing is evident.

Hi – I, too, need help with my MP not printing black. I am sending you this short email and when you reply to it with your printer model number and a description of the problem I will be able to send you the files you need. Also, I don’t really thing you got all of the ink out of the purge unit. The color inks flushed out quickly, but the pigmented black ink took some time.


Then about 2 weeks ago the ceased to print colour – Now when I try to print, the page comes out blank, no black and now no colour.

Canon MP530 won’t print black

Trigger ; I haven’t had time to repair this MP until now so i just called canon about the waste pads and the modification for the purge tube. So why don’t they just tell us the answer to these problems The marketing group at Canon has so much power they pretty much control what the company does with each product.

The tanks are all full and relatively new. If you knew how to take care of it and did the maintenance. On the test pattern, the other colors were fine but the black PGBK test net pattern would be missing in parts. I have thoroughly cleaned the printhead. Hi, I found this thread during a Google search for exactly the same issue: Photographers share their creative secrets. It is strange that somehow you fixed this once and after 14 months it is back again.

Sounds like it is, but will not pull the paper thru. I have tested all the power plugs and wall units. Jane Young – JWY. You will probably need to remove the printhead and clean it externally. However- I didn’t want to tackle taking apart the unit without some instructions. Hi Trigger, I’ve emailed you a moment ago, similar problem I think in that blk text documents are not printing it does print in a coloured textbut just wanted to add that your response to BNDAZ was really helpful in explaining that the PGBK Pigmented Blk is used for documents text and Dye BLk for pictures.


From the note above you can see just how difficult it is some times to get the printhead clean once the Black ink has dried up. Now, is there a way to set the default to Matte Photo paper?

I personally can assure you that if you knew these secrets and followed them. Taking the MP apart was much easier the second time as you indicated. I can not reply directly to your email address. Let’s hope it is nothing more than a clogged black section of the head and nothing more. In my opinion the best printers are the Canon printers, but you need to learn how to take care of them.

The problem may be with the head or the purge unit. The nozzle test pattern is perfect on testing. The ‘Nozzle Check’ shows no black grid pattern at all, while the 6 color bars below are fine. I proceeded to clean the exterior of the print head with warm water.

I have tried to install a new black cartridge, but that did not work either. Prlnter have been away on vacation until this week and no one had used the printer.