Further description of these two requirements is below:. A database server can contain multiple logical databases or data sources. It can be stored in different relational DBMSs. Click the System DSN tab. ODBC is a standard method of communicating with database servers.

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Drivers and Connectors

A data warehouse stores the data that users of the system must analyze to track and respond to business trends, and to facilitate forecasting and planning efforts. You can then use the DSN to establish a database connection, for use in importing data from a database or with a Freeform script. However, this guide also provides information on how to install drivers from other vendors with MicroStrategy.

Within this folder, double-click the odbcad The following information assists you in setting up ODBC between Intelligence Server and your metadata database and data warehouse. Partitioning large datasets and creating search indexes Refining your data quality before importing Preparing your data to display on maps: Importing data from a database by picking relational tables.

MicroStrategy ODBC Driver for MongoDB for Windows and Linux

Enter the information in the appropriate fields to create a data source for the selected database driver. A driver setup dialog box is displayed.

A data source is the database accessed by a driver. A client application uses a database driver and a driver manager to make a connection to the data source. Further description of these two requirements is below:. After you create a DSN, you can connect to the data source and import your data.


A connection string usually includes a DSN, as well as the user ID and password required to log in to the database server. A data source, identified by a data source name, is the database or file accessed by a driver.

Importing microsstrategy from Hadoop.

You can connect directly to a variety of data sources during the data import process. However, the exact information varies depending on the type of database server.

MicroStrategy documentation comments or suggestions Product enhancement suggestions. Log in to the machine as an administrator. The database-specific ODBC drivers are installed in the locations specified during the installation of the drivers. MicroStrategy-branded drivers are installed in C: Although it is possible to use a non-certified driver, it is strongly recommended that you contact your database vendor to obtain a certified driver if the selected driver is not certified as valid.

It can be stored in different relational DBMSs. The information to enter varies depending on the database platform that you selected. When setting up your MicroStrategy environment, you must create a separate connection to the data warehouse and metadata repository. Data source is another term for a logical database within a database server. A DSN is the name for a pointer that is used by a client application in this case MicroStrategy to find and connect to a database.


Connecting to a Data Source to Import Data. Derived attributes Grouping attribute values in a dashboard Replacing attribute elements with an element group Grouping attribute elements with a calculation to create a new element Consolidating unused elements into a group Renaming, rearranging, and removing groups Limiting the Data Displayed in a Dashboard: Metadata is a repository whose data associates the tables and columns of a data warehouse with user-defined attributes and facts to enable the mapping of business views, terms, and needs to the underlying database structure.

ODBC is a standard method of communicating with database servers.

Refer to your third-party documentation for the locations of ODBC support and driver files. To access the MicroStrategy Readme:. Specifically, ODBC connects to and transfers data to and from data sources within relational databases. This information varies depending on the particular microostrategy server.