Sander Steffann 3, 8 Hybrid IP Routing Enabled. Diana Microsoft Partner http: On a vista pc, i have a driver proble. I ran on my machine with Run as Administrator and received “remove failed” for each connection.

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If you ever find your self having issues getting connected to a network, one of the more obscure but common causes may lie within the Microsoft “6to4” adapter devices. Hey how to make it works in Windows 7 bit, the devcon seem not compatible in windows 7 bit If you want to perform the process manually, open up an administrator command prompt window and navigate the the devcon folder appropriate to your system see number Execute the following command: However issuing the command manually as explained in Step 3: Yes Link-local IPv6 Address.

It can be downloaded from Here In some cases, there may be many of these 6to4 adapters on your system.

Download Tunnel Adapter Microsoft 6to4 Adapter Remover – MajorGeeks

Email Required, but never shown. Many thanks Ryan, saved my day too. Follow these steps to download and use it to remove the 6to4 adapters: Author December 14, Apparently this is caused by a bug in Windows 7 and Server R2 that shuts down the Plug and Play service before allowing the 6to4 adapter to be enabled for future use.


For Windows 7 64bit there is a new release of devcon.

All I can say is “Great”. In order to do so, you must open the Device Manager, and then set it to show you the hidden devices. Therefore, if you are microosft severely affected by this problem, we recommend that you wait for the next software update that contains this hotfix.

Thank you a lot, was actually a big money-saver too! Thank you very much, you made my day.

Microsoft ISATAP 6to4 adaptor

You nicrosoft update the driver for your network adapter or chipset, and then try to uninstall and reinstall the this component. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

These are hidden devices that assist in connecting to networks that use both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing at least from everything I have read and heard, although I have not yet found a definite answer on their true purpose. Sander Steffann 3, 8 Like so many others “remove failed. I forgot about this and spent 15 minutes wondering why I have “remove failed” message Removing them one by one can be tedious and time consuming. You do understand you already have both a IPv6 and IPv4 address right?


I have been having boot problems on my Dell Adapetr for over two years, and among around 50 possible causes, I have always suspected these 6to4 adaptors. Here’s another great link re: I’m following your blog by ages if not decades and didn’t imagine an old friend to lend me an hand to get out of another MS hell hole: Sign up using Email and Password.

What Is A Microsoft 6To4 Adapter?

How I made mine work in Windows 7 64bit: Still not able to use Devcon on the 64 bit windows. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. The devcon utility seems to not work in Windows 7 bit. ToyoApr 27, Thanks Solution work fine,I have more than 6to4 adapters.