Can someone please test this,Linux kit is not available at us. I hope some people be more technical. All Sony moniters are supposed to work since the sony ps2 and sony moniters have the same interface. Mine doesn’t have this “option”. SOG and TV mode both work. Manufacturer doesn’t list SOG, guess it’s not.

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Helpforce eDiscover | Display Problem in SuSE

Monitor is really a Sony Trinitron FD tube and sync-on-green works with my o2 so imcron work with ps2linux just fine. SOG and TV mode both work.

Displays “Invalid Sync” and dancing green lines until runtime loader initialized. Has to unplug the video cable, reboots then replug cable. Was not waiting monito enough for the blue boot screen to load. It’s great working all the time. RL 5 is GUI mode. I think it’s the 4i. A is another revision of the A90 monitor that is still known to the consumers as an A Can see funny shapes when displaying test screen. RL 1 is single user mode. Flashing image in X ,m-1764. Switching to other consoles possible.


LM – MICRON – CRT Monitor – Refurbished IT Gear – Apto Solutions

I have this older monitor Its a 17 inch model LM made by micron It works for the install and all. VGA, km-1764 is a perfect match for the PS2 casework. Lightware vp Projector garethrees Tested Not Working http: I can tell I reached the Blue screen and can see it changes when I press X.

Took almost 30 sec. Works fine, only the initial Sony Computer Entertainment TV doesn’t do p but i will work when the driver is fixed. Dell T Trinitron bigman Tested Working 17″ monitor worked from the start.

Micron index of parts for sale. Page 2.

I thought they might be physically the same outside at leastbut didn’t know the pins were different. I can see some stuff, and naviagate enough to get to a point where it sync properly.

I will try your suggestion later. Another user claimed that it works, but I tested it with the settings set all right and it still failed to respond or kick on.

Can’ display mointor PS2 screen, but once in linux works fine. Tested x x moonitor x Dell P aaire Tested Working Mmicron P dial0g Vendor Claims Should Work Monitor is really a Sony Trinitron FD tube and sync-on-green works with my o2 so should work with ps2linux just fine Dell P lordofduh Tested Working I had the image blinking problem too – to fix this, turn on monitor, and turn off PS2 from switch in back of system, connect everything, and then power up the PS Type your comment into the box below.


These monitors are popular items at ‘bargain’ pc shops. I attempted to lower the resolution, but when I tested theconfiguration the display went back to its garbled mode and thecomputer froze. The only thing mentioned in one report is that vesa driver works, andyour ability to start GUI with installation configuration confirms this.

I just tested it and it just kept mkcron me to recheck my video cable. Get “Status Out Of Sync Sync on Green DB Manufacturer.