March 7th, 3. You only see a white rectangle in Skype when you activate video;and 3. Works fine out of the box Logitech Quickcam Chat for Skype 7. The ID then appears after “ID” on that line, in the form xxxx: Cheap camera; no microphone. Try installing the 32bit libraries Code:. Logitech QuickCam Webcam for Notebooks.

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Cheese Works out the box!

Camera is recognized, but “Test Camera” crashes Skype. If it doesn’t work with the plugin “autodetect” in “Default output”, change it to “X Window System No Xv “, then try again. Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks You will have to install the driver package with aptitude and then modify the Skype launcher to preload the driver.

Same for Cheese or Camorama. Works fine after installing the uvc driver ; microphone works great also.

Was able to get working using ov51x-jpeg driver at: This camera is inbuilt in laptops Asus A8M Skype version 2. Neither Skype Test only shows black screen nor Ubuntu.


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Neither Skype nor Ubuntu. No issues compared to what was reported twihklecam 7. The uvc driver does recognize the device as can be tested with luvcview. Logitech Quickcam IM Logitech Quickcam Express II.

Logitech Quickcam Pro 7. Brightness is sometimes wrong black image. Intel 64 Camera is recognized in Skype, but shows a black screen Test button doesn’t do anything.

Enabling a USB Camera in Ubuntu – A System Admin Living in Japan

Works if you stop your video and then restart. Instructions for contributing to the lists Specify which version of Skype you are using. Works also “out-of-the-box” with 2.

Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks 7. To get webcam microphone working I had to reboot, go to sound settings and select it in the input tab. Logitech QuickCam Webcam for Notebooks 9. System does not recognize webcam automatically, but after manual loading driver modprobe uvcvideo it works well. Works fine out of the box. You need to download driver from http: Works with Cheese at x, but not at x, x and x resulting in green and cyan stripes.



Black screen in Skype, even though it works with Cheese 2. Development now at http: It does not ship out of the box with new versions of ubuntu.

Driver can be found here: Webcam was then recognized and working, but still not usable in Skype. Only oddity is preview — works if you stop your video and then restart.

Microdia Twinklecam Usb Camera Software

Thinkpad T61 built-in webcam 7. This is the same with Ekiga. Close any such program and re-select the Skype video settings preview image before concluding that it doesn’t work.