Posted on Sun Apr 05, 8: I’m curious if someone got this cm15pro working in homeseer. I even considered zWave and Insteon, but they are more expensive. The purpose of the the first part is to connect the hardware. Actually the apt-get install build-essential required for x10d. Now there is another thread http:

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I’m curious if someone got this cm15pro working in homeseer.

Noting there is a difference between EU and US frequencies. X10 is old and slow but does work with the above limitations. Nothing I’ve done gets the CM15 to be visible in serial port configuration.

X10 with CM11a

Also, if I remember correctly the cm15 has been successfully implemented. Please add in domoticz the IP adres of your pi to the safe ip adresses that do not need to login.

I hope to figure out most from the readable code, lest you draw the IRS’s wrath Actually mamritek apt-get install build-essential required for x10d. I even considered zWave and Insteon, but they are more expensive. Powered by phpBB for Bwired.


Perhaps there are better systems in use today, but I’ve got madmitek too much time and effort invested in X10 to willingly move onto something else at this point. It is not sent over the air like WiFi. The CM11a is not supported from Domoticz directly but by following the below explanation it works nicely.

CM11 Computer Interface incl. ActiveHome Software – Home Automation Europe

Views Read View source View history. More programming possibilities because of conditional macros. As far as I am aware the CM15 contains the USB to serial internally and therefore, it is same process as marmietk in the other thread.

Home Help Search Login Register. The initial comment in the source code, “How to compile on Solaris 8”, gives you some indication of its lineage and the timeframe in which it was written, but it runs just fine on the Plug.

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The newer A10 modules are said to be uab more sensitive. Target year set to: One thing to remember is that X10 is carrier-current based — it is sent over the power lines during the point of zero crossing of the AC waveform.


I have given marmitem trying to get this interface working so I have ordered a Raspberry PI and am going to try to use mochad. With your computer you can program whatever you like.

I deleted the Prolific kext, installed the open source driver, rebooted, then chose the serial port PLD. I used this compiler to compile the software. Or is it compatible with another one?? Retrieved from ” https: This website will explain you how that works in more detail. Users browsing this forum: Check out our YouTube training videos.

User specified offset hours: If you’re interested, you can find the source here: Here in the US, most houses are 2-phased.

Maybe because I am on Intel. Google [Bot] Logout [ Google [Bot] ].