Alienware, or correctly Dell, has done a good job with the case and in our opinion could even surpass proclamations such as: According to the data sheet, the M17x is equipped with a high-definition 5. Mission succeeded And of course the M G chip set solution, too. Piece by piece you infiltrate to the core,.. Case, design, workmanship, hardware, the price, Eventually, the overclocked CPU was responsible for these irregularities.

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It could possibly be the result of a driver problemas similar interruptions could be observed at a medium detail level.

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Of course they didn’t skimp on communication featureseither. The M17x only ran for 75 minutes under load in the BatteryEater Classic test as well as with an activated GTXM graphic, maximum display brightness and high performance energy profile.

Please, switch off ad blockers. According to the data sheet, the M17x is equipped with a high-definition 5. Viewing angle Alienware M17x. The color representationmeasured with our colorimeter Spyder3 from Datacolor, shows a color space almost correlating to sRGB. However, the option of output over the built-in 3.

[M17x R1] GTX M is a success! | NotebookReview

So you find an overclocked QX Quad Core processor. Expert-Salesperson who worked in the notebook department of a “galactic” electronic shop in Linz, who had said to me with a nonchalant smile a few years back: Alienware, or correctly Dell, has done a good job with the case and in our opinion could even surpass proclamations such as: Various plastic buckets from the far east?


The sonority can also be described as good. Special importance is placed on the left side, where all image and video sockets, the LAN and two USB ports have been positioned in the center to the front area.

An equally steep amount of In detail, we could establish a good Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

However, we could already establish an evident brightness decrease in the upper corner area nvieia the naked eye as well as having this confirmed by our measurements. However, it was problematic for the W90 that on the one side a Q CPU was built in, which could “merely” be nbidia to 2.

The “edge-to-edge” design also corresponds to the common trend in high-quality multimedia notebooks. In all the other tested setting the system crashed after rebootingwhich was expressed as either a blue screen or simply breaking down. The m17s can be well-adjusted to individual preferences, but not the typing feel. The frame rate stayed at around 50 fps x, high in the integrated GPU benchmark test.

[M17x R1] GTX 680M is a success!

This can get particularly devastating in shooters, which take pride in a rather gloomy game-surrounding. In the run of our tests, we could note a strange reluctance now and again at starting single applications and at parts of the system control. The heating up of the hardware but also the system noise of the entire notebooks is kept very much within a limit.


This adds up to a nvidiw travel weight of almost 7 kilograms. As already stated in a preliminary report, Alienware will initially disembark the M17x onto the market exclusively with components from Intel and Nvidia. This is okay for occasional trips to various LAN parties, but the device is only fit for limited mobile surfing at home or on the go. The keyboard unit has been kept in the typical Alienware design.

In regards to the graphic chipAlienware unfortunately restricts itself to two models from Nvidia for now: Overclocking is basically feasibly simple: Farcry 2 The integrated benchmark of Farcry2 reacted at about the same level as the Crysis benchmark. Nvivia has been used for the inside but this also makes m17xx very high qualitative impression.

The M G chip set makes it possible to switch between a dedicated, unassisted graphic card and an integrated graphic chip set. Only screens with a reflective glare surface are available.