Dear Logitech, Thank you for this fantastic update, I am very pleased with the new software. Just one small question? Please fix these items. I just bought the Logitech G upgrading from G15 Gen. Please forward this to the developers.

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Bring them all in the same application, make them all as extensible as the G19 and you would breathe new life into old, yet great, products. As much logietch i love the new interface and layout it really is missing too many feature and has too many issues for me to use yet so I have downgraded to the older software for now.

Other than the bugs this is a awesome redesign!

Gamepad – G13 Advanced Gameboard – Logitech

Contoured game board design. Make it yours—simply Use the optional Logitech Gaming Software to perfectly match its commands to your favorite games.

For a list, visit gaming. And you can choose whether you want the Application Button next to the LCD to immediately switch to the next applet, or to display a list of all running applets. To assign commands to the programmable G-keys, you just drag them from the left hand side of the screen and drop them on the G-key you want to logitehc them to. Logitrch Sam, Thanks for the error log.

New Logitech Gaming Software | logi BLOG

The foundation of performance Engineered for maximum intensity. At least until I know them by heart. Simpler is not always better!


The icons for each macro profile shows the executable icon. Hi Chris, I just got my G and I was wondering because I also got a G9X gaming mouse with it and I was wondering if it gamepnel be possilbe if they can run off the same software. I just bought the Logitech G upgrading from G15 Gen. Please contact Support using the link at the top gxmepanel the page — they will be able to provide far more assistance than I can.

The interface is designed to be straightforward and clean, giving you quick access to most commonly-used features. Second, I had an issue where I could only control music in iTunes when the program was open. Is there a way to display key presses on the LCD screen without rewriting scripts?

Is there going to be an update soon? There is no timetable for an update.

Jason I also have all the bugs listen by Jason, even the second bug although the second bug also appears in the previous version. Choose from 16 million colors and assign a unique color to each profile, profile mode and mode style in the same game. There is no timetable for an update to LGS 7.

I recently download the new software to work with my g15 keyboard, however I am unable to add additional gamer profiles created for previos versions. It would be nice to offer if the new software for both beginners and advanced, experienced users would be possibilities.


The software causes Vista to play the device connect sound when the Game Panel software loads on boot. My problems with my G19 were that most the time I could not use the application button to quick switch between apps when on that setting and had to depend on going through the menu to do that. This is an issue our engineers are aware of and it will be addressed in a future version of the tamepanel.

There is no custom keyboard driver, so what you see in Device Manager is correct. Logitech Gaming Software 7.

G13 Advanced Gameboard Improved position. Increased control. Advanced science. Unrivaled game.

All of my profiles rely heavily on customized scripts. Logitech and its affiliates are in no way liable or responsible for claims made related to the products or services provided by third parties. Basically any macro involving a click got buggered every time the process closed.

No results found No results found: There are also right-click menus for most controls that reveal additional configuration options. Only Listing works for me.