A real and usable configuration software will be another project. This is only temporary. But the thing that is bothering me is that whether it will work out of the box for Ubuntu. I have an old G5 but it is not as configurable as the G To run it manually, run: I don’t think there is anything about that in the kernel.

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The setting can be found at org:: To run it manually, run: Dont like the new ones, too many buttons: The same report works with the G5 and the G For instance, older trackballs may use the following: You can find more information about this mouse on the Logitech Homepage. I would say try it, and use xev or showkey for the other 6 buttons on the S.

Xmodmap file will be loaded next time you pogitech in. Take some time to get the feel of the subreddit if you’re not sure! After making configuration changes, restart X or reboot the computer.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I am looking to buy a Logitech one.

While I didn’t particularly care for the paint job—it looks like it’s trying way too hard to convince me that it’s cool—it’s hard to argue with the actual performance. The reviews online magazine PCMag concluded:.



The goal of the code is to illustrate and test the ideas of the documentation. Make the script executable: Find or create a subreddit for it, and add it to the wiki when it has over subscribers, and we’ll add it to the sidebar.

This software allows you to configure the hardware settings of the G gaming mouse, e. See the How to Ask page for help clarifying logitwch question.

That being said, I have a standard Logitech mouse M which was cheap, but requires no drivers. Gaming mice for Ubuntu [closed] Ask Question.

Logitech Gs Laser Mouse buttons and XBindKeys in Ubuntu

I bought the Logitech Gs Laser Mouse, which features hyper-fast, dual-mode scrolling, 10 programmable keys as well as up to 27 grams of extra weight. The dpi buttons are used to switch between the 3 dpi values. So pick one logihech these Logitech devices and you should be able to get the most out of your mouse: For everyone else, while the Editors’ Choice Corsair Vengeance M65 still leads with a slightly better design, the Logitech Gs is still worth a look.

I recently was thinking to get myself a gaming mouse. While I support projects like this, in today’s day and age it’s best to just buy a mouse that doesn’t need reverse engineering just to work semi-decent. In my case MacBook Pro 5,4 using the bcm touchpad module I had to reboot once after applying the workaround to make it stick. Please review full details ububtu rules here.


mouse – Gaming mice for Ubuntu – Ask Ubuntu

I put up with it for far too long before I realized the cheapest corded mouse you can buy worked literally 10x better. Truely doing gods work. Top violations of this rule are trolling, starting a flamewar, or not “remembering the human” aka being hostile or incredibly impolite.

So pick one from these Logitech devices and you should be able to get the most out of your mouse:. To fix this, run the following in a terminal: After this, I could change the settings as expected by editing the HAL fdi file and restarting HAL some settings may need a module reload, too. Initially Linux was intended to develop into an operating system of its own, but these plans were shelved somewhere along the way.

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