I’ve downloaded the official Ralink drivers, version 3. D its installed but there is a problem: So that affected the speed The adapter does work under Windows XP. I’m trying to compile the driver to work for the Asus USB-N11 wireless usb card, but it is giving me the darnedest time!

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Having the same problem. Does Network Manager see your network? Now with the new one i got kbit down but only 3 kbit up. Has anyone else tried the 2.

Seems computer recognized the USB Stick. Almost forgot that you must install build-essential apt-get install build-essential. RALink doesn’t seem to have the download anymore.

Linksys WUSB wireless card working in Linux.

Then i compiled and installed them, modprobe worked fine BUT no wireless networks are detected. However, instead of downloading the 2.

But is this really necessary??? The results of doing lsusb gives me a bunch of listings.

No compiling of kernel or from driver source. About this, if I blacklist rtusb, the adapter’s light stops flashing. In the Windows Wireless Drivers utility, install the driver by opening the. Using WiseGuy’s steps above, I am now connected at mbps.


Looking for Linksys WUSBN (Ralink rt chipset) support.

No such device Bind socket to interface: This is with network-manager or WICD. Plug in your rt usb and connect to your access point.

Hey all, after spending much too long fighting various windows OS, I decided to go with Kubuntu. After removing these and specifying OpenDNS in my resolv. Succeeded to unpack the archive by renaming the extension from tar.

I did because I had too much running on one usb port. I rt2807 we really need to wait next drive release from Ralink.

Thats what worked for me. Yes Just plug in, choose wireless network in networking, and it works in Ubuntu 9.

There may llnksys better ways of getting this working, if so, please post them.

You know, I would MUCH rather have paid for Ubuntu like I would for Windows than lose a whole day’s work which costs me a fair bit more than the cost of windows Hey, thank you that works perfectly fine until the point at which I try to connect to my wlan at home.


Blacklisting the rt28xx driver as described before, and compiling your own driver works here, although you need to compile again after each kernel update. Only I couldn’t install build-essentials. Worked in Ubuntu 9.

Ralink RT2070, RT2770, RT2870, RT3070, RT3071, RT3072 devices (rt2870sta)

Download it and follow the instructions here: Any help would be awesome, as this thread has almost gotten me all the way home. What we’re looking for is the IDvendor: From the dmesg i can see the driver is keep scanning and always returns 0 BSS. It’s been a hassle, so thank you very much for posting this!