While many people will stand in awe of the monstrous drives, the specifications of the club will leave any golf enthusiast drooling just as well. Media Reviews Today’s Golfer. The unique selling point of this particular offering from Cobra is the much coveted interchangeable shaft technology with two installation positions. Even swinging out of your shoes with a siff shaft Cobra L5V you will be somewhere close to the fairway and easily shorten up most par 5’s. Skip to main content. It comes standard with two adjustable settings to help the club become a little more personal and optimize the flight of the ball, giving the Cobra L5V one more advantage in the long game.

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Did not add any yards to my tee shot.

Prev Article Next Article. Also helping to correct my bad slice. Chris labelled the L5V a cracking product for improvers, while Jon felt it gave a confidence boost at address. It has a large face which gives you confidence. At a glance TG Rating 3. The Cobra L5V Driver is a premium club brimming with high technology and one that we feel delivers on nearly every front. When I first hit it there were people ducking for cover as they thought somebody had conra fire. The shots that rocket off the L5V are some of the longest, straightest, and most incredible drives in the game today, and all of this comes on one of the most forgiving clubs in golf.


Cobra L5V Driver

The Cobra L5V has been scientifically engineered to produce drives that are generally seen in Adam Sandler comedies. On first glance the Cobra L5V is a staggering product, which comes with a bold colour scheme and is obviously drenched with the latest of golfing technologies.

The best fobra yet. I o wn 4 of these and change shafts and lofts based on the conditions. Know I live in Arizona and can play every day weather permitting. The Cobra L5V has the largest face area of any driver on the market, and is being marketed as the longest, straightest driver available today, and there is no doubt it is the cream of the crop as far as Cobra is concerned. This allows golfers to straighten out their trajectory or have the option to encourage a draw when required.

I am a 10 handicap golfer with a swing speed over mph so I needed a stff shaft with a driver head that would last. I can litterely swing out of my shoes and hit the ball plus.

Using the Cobra L5V the ball taks off of the head with minimal impact onto the head and feels like it over takes any ball no matter how hard a range ball it might be. I started out using a Cobra driver regular flex 8 years and know need stiff to keep my flight as straight as possible. Designed with the largest club face amongst all drivers available, the Cobra L5V is going to provide the golfer with power that even they were not aware they possessed.


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We have great golf here almost all year long but when the wind blows a high trajectory launch is not desireable. There are drivers and then there are drivers.

A final factor which I love about this club is the stylish head cover, it is magnetic, and unusually protects the shaft as well as head from damage. Strengths — Great options with the adjustability, wide range of shafts available, nice looking.

Sign in or Register with Golfalot. Each driver is factory set in the Standard position. Please try again later! This knowing of the club fitting the idiosyncrasies of your golf swing should give a real confidence boost, however…. Light weight with large club face for confident long drives. Why is this review inappropriate? Thought it might take some getting used to but on my first outing got my best ever score round the local 9 holes.

However, in the short grass and out of trouble is better. I never leave any comments t I had to tell people how happy I am.

It was a great club. Write a Review Rate This Product: These clubs are very similar tp the Speed LD.