I don’t begrudge the company for their policy as that is their choice. I’ll post later and let you know how it turned out. Callaway will “refit clubs,” and charged you for it – at that point making you a regular retail customer. This restricts all impact flexure to the face, which generates increased ball velocity over conventional driver architecture. You mention “obvious manufacturing flaws” – but how do you know this for a fact? And usually the clubmaker more than anyone will rehead if there is a crack or failure. Samples of three brands are shown below:.

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It sets up comfortably to the ball, framing the little white sphere before you send it into orbit.

When my brother got the response it was unexpected. Most of the big OEMs reqire things to be returned through an authorized retailer. In possession of a facsd sleek clubhead design to the KZG Gemini, the Carlton Classic has a bit more top bulge, increasing clubface surface and providing a good deal of forgiveness on high hits.

KZG forged wedges are unequalled for the short game. Often people are buying clubs that were not sold via authorized retailers and thus come with no warranty. Here is an article that you might want to read. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free. The KZG Forged II Irons are relatively versatile clubs that feature a cavity back design which gives them a good amount of forgiveness.


Cracked KZG Gemini 460 Head

Samples of three brands are shown below:. However, it is only under warrenty if purchased through an authorized dealer. Posted 13 September – And usually the clubmaker more than anyone will rehead if there is a crack or failure.

We look forward to seeing you at. I purchased it in May As for dealing directly with company’s on golf equipment, I have dealt directly with TaylorMade, Callaway and Ping without going through a middleman or dealer.

So if you purchase one off of the internet, the only warranty you have is the one the seller is willing to give you, and KZG will have no involvement other than having produced the head to begin with.

Cracked KZG Gemini Head – Equipment Opinions –

Cleveland Comp 8. They refused coverage because the clubs were purchased through the internet.

The four-piece titanium body comes in two sizes: I have done my research on this topic. The Gemini is a handsome club with a sleek appearance. And KZG didn’t sell it direct to you, so they have no obligation to deal direct with you.

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Return it where you got it, or SOL – your choice. I’m sure there are many examples of abuse of clubs.


And if that failure is the result sometimes clear and sometimes not of normal use. You’re asking to go outside the lines of the rules they deal with, and you made it plainly evident that you think it’s their fault – and it’s not.

The Gemini driver satisfied BuffaloGolfer. Callaway will “refit clubs,” and charged you for it – at that point making you a regular retail customer.

Sorry, but in neither case did Callaway or Ping request a reciept. As couble as returning it for warranty work it appears you are SOL, unless you are able to contact the seller which it seems the person is not a “real” KZG dealer since the company prohibits eBay selling of their goods.

As I recall, the contract with Daced prevents any authorized dealer from selling online. It has a 39″ Ashdown graphite shaft no flex shown and a Golf Pride Tour Wrap grip in excellent condition.

KZG Gemini Drivers

KZG does a wonderful job helping the clubmaker out. I know I might have to eat this one and that fzced be a learning process for me. Show only see all.