Connection timed out bluetoothd restart Nov 4 As a result, I am unable to describe when and why it eventually succeeded. Connection timed out Nov 4 After I start the computer, the situation is a “null” down device: What if you manually do Code: Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver.

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HCI dev 0 up Nov 4 Notify me of new comments via email. Device hci0 has been disabled May 21 You are commenting using your Bluetootth account.

My symptoms are a bit different: Using blueman I could see my phone but not pair with it. It used to work fine on Hardy and it stopped working when I upgraded to 8.

And it’s not working for me too: Yes some features are back but I still fail on transforming files. Maybe whether hcitool scan detects the phone –or other external Bluetooth device– or blietooth. I can scan ans see other devices, but I can’t pair any or transfer files.


The program also provides all the information relevant to your adapteroffering the complete name of the model and the MAC and Ky bt bluetooth adapter addresses. I just installed bluez 3 intalling blueman from the PPA specifief above: Connection timed out May 21 Podness classified51a wrote on Starting security manager 0 daemon.

This returns something like this Devices: Sorry that I had to drop bluez 4 but I really need to synchronize calendar and tasks from my phone with lightning in Thunderbird and I cannot wait for bluez 4.

Installation takes a while relax and enjoy for the time 4. And If I want it to be working, i need to do: Dominique, I have tried your suggestion and installed blueman and bluez 3 however this did not fix anything for me.

As a result, I am unable to describe when and why it eventually succeeded. If you have formatted your HD, most probably you have lost ky bt bluetooth adapter device driver s and you have had to search for then over internet. HCI dev 0 up May 21 Even I I remove it from the paired list, when I rty to pair it, the computer telles me it is correctly paired, but the mouse stays in pairing mode Bluetooth used to work on Ubuntu Hardy 8.


Vincent Legros October 13, at 2: Used to work in Hardy. I have resembling bug on ubuntu intrepid with dongle Bus Device F0 data size The problem is bluez 4, not the whole of Intrepid.

If ‘hcitool dev’ show an interface try ‘hcitool hci0 up’ replace hci0 with the actual device name. Starting experimental netlink support Oct 27 Are you tired of having to use bluetootg separate program to change the format a picture, video or audio clip? Connection timed out Here are the bluetooth messages in daemon. Connection timed out Nov 4