However, when you want to rattle stuff in your room, you’re asking way too much of it. It’s a THX thing. For any transistors that I did happen to unbolt from the panel I was sure to reapply some thermal compound paste to keep them coupled. Is your woofer surround intact? The source may not have a lot of bass in it. They seem to offer good sound for the money. Go to Klipsch Home.

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I switched over to the speakers, ran the SBX channel test and very very soft low sounds came from the replaccement speaker and the other one sounded normal but with a much lower volume than before.

I’m starting to believe in getting the most out of any speaker just by placement and how much it matters. They will be hard to match in quality. Everything looked ok, darn. Moofachuka Oct 21, I decided to get some Thonet and Vander Ratsel.

You can’t get room-shaking performance out of a personal speaker system. Edited December 30, by iman.

Replacement for Klipsch Promedia | TechPowerUp Forums

We had our unit for about 9 years and suddenly the unit would not show any klipscn of life. If you’re not in warranty But that depends on your needs, budget, patience, and willingness to piece it all together yourself.


Could not narrow rrplacement the problem because everything else aside from the speaker terminals is not easily serviceable. Joined Feb 11, Messages 1, 0. Joined Oct 12, Messages 6, 1.

Klipsch ProMedia Subwoofer | eBay

Joined Feb 14, Messages 1, 0. One note to add: I need some assistance in getting some replacement speakers for my Klipsch Promedia set. You tend to find this a lot with phones, YouTube videos and television stations. Can I add or replace the subwoofer for my Promedia 2.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Subwoofer

Now, I have different taste in systems, if you go high end and higher price point Posted December 30, Failure of main power transformer. Just enjoy this speaker system in the way it was intended to be used.

Y’know what I’m saying? Do you know who I could ask that would know how to replace the subwoofer with a different one? No complaints so far aside from maybe that the speaker wire could have been a bit longer.


Thread starter kiddagoat Start date Oct 21, By imanDecember 30, in Personal Music Systems.

After doing a good amount of searching on the web about the ProMedia system I found a lot of replaceent owners have similar and sometimes worse problems with their units such as burnt out resistors, capacitors, transistors or issues with the control module. Joined Oct 2, Messages 13, 2. This is know as a bipolar power source.

It should be at the white mark, or close to it.

Replacement for Klipsch Promedia 2.1

Infinite resistance was indicated on the primary wires which meant that the fuse had indeed blown. What you should do is then find a broken Klipsch system for sale on eBay that matches your system and swap out the transformer. I carefully inspected the circuit boards for any signs of extreme heat and damaged components.