So you are now ready to make the next step. The wiki is being retired! The next steps may involve a little bit of hardware. As you can see on the picture on the right hand side the RD1 is a sandwich consisting of two chips. The KK motherboard from Iwill continues a long standing tradition of providing overclocking friendly solutions. This naturally, adds accuracy to temperature readings.

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Curiously only two out of the four fans seem to be supported for RPM monitoring.

Though graphics performance leaves something to be desires as is the case will ALL boardsit overclocking potential, stability and overall system performance iwilll up for it tremendously. Before one can access the VGA device it has to be initialized. We will see later how you can boot with a specific image normal or fallback.

Iwill DRIVERS MANUALS BIOS Motherboard – Mainboard

Now please read the Bjos article and build your elf image. One is your original chip and one is an internal chip that comes together with the savior.

If you simply want to use coreboot as “normal” BIOS replacement you could skip the next paragraph and continue with compiling the flashrom utility. This means you have to find out which driver family is supporting your specific device.


Conclusions List all Iwill heat sinks that Frostytech tested? Etherboot is an independent open source project.

Download Iwill BIOS drivers

Top 5 Heatsinks Tested. Normally you should not change the mainboard config because mainboards do not change that often.

Normally this is done by grub, lilo, ntloader or another bootloader. Amazingly, the instruction manual gives some pretty good descriptions albeit short about each of these settings, but the Cycle Length CAS setting will be of the wiill interest – it can be changed between 2 and 3.

The BIOS on the KK has many of the features you would normally expect to bioss these days, plus a few that are used especially for those of you interested in tweaking the system into some exta performance.

Documentation is now handled by the same processes we use for code: Unfortunately it is hard to get the right model in Europe. Views Read View source View history. This data can be viewed and iwil with a utility called lxbios. Try to get the right one for a PLCC32 socket.

So please add the following node the italic lines to the “device tree” of the mainboard’s Config. You can choose between 9 different loglevels:. You have compiled your payload and changed Config. In addition, the CPU temperature is read from its on die thermal diode instead of a thermistor. If you want to add support for more than one if-driver use ‘–‘ to separate the options from each other.


Websites you may also like: Though the default CAS latency value is 3, you can attempt to tweak it and lower down to 2. In etherboot most drivers cover a whole family of cards. The manual provides a very well detailed “how to” on implementing the STD option along with a utility for that on the CD.

Of course you should have tested both options with the original BIOS before you really start your development. This is because an earlier modified FILO version was integrated into etherboot.

Help! need Iwill kk266 plus manual/BIOS

Therefore you have to change the size of the coreboot. Conclusion Features, features and more features. This allows the CPU to run slower at user configurable speeds in the range of After biow first boot with coreboot, it is saving information and configuration data.