Printing will resume when it has cooled. The label format extends beyond the label length. Clean print head, platen roller and label path Adjust the bias screw. Adjust the darkness control. The label stock is loaded incorrectly. Clean the self-strip roller.

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Clean the self-strip roller. Change the image bands or print speed setting.

Check the media path. Media is sticking to the paper path. Clean print head, platen roller and label path Adjust the bias iintermec. After you reset the memory, power off the printer and return the DIP Switches to the desired settings.

Adjust the darkness control. Incorrect label stock setting.

Troubleshooting an Intermec Printer

Print head, platen roller or label path are dirty. Set the media switch for the type of media being used. Corrupt or incorrect information in printer pirnt. Leave printer idle to cool. Check the connections at both ends and the pins and replace cable, if necessary. The media is loaded incorrectly. Incorrect darkness control setting.


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The printer is configured for self-strip media. Serial port is incorrectly configured. The head lift lever should be straight up and down. Set the printer to thermal transfer or direct thermal label stock.

Incorrect darkness control setting Incorrect media sensitivity setting Poor quality label or ribbon stock Dirty print head. User a higher quality label and ribbon stock. Printt installed upside down. Printer is out of media. Reset the memory to return the printer to its default configuration.

The label format extends beyond the label length. Turn the print off, then back on. Set the printer to the default configuration using the DIP Switches.

Printing will resume when it has cooled. Dirty print head Dirty media path or rollers Poor quality label or ribbon stock. Print speed exceeds the capacity of the media. Incorrect label rest point setting. Be sure that the Inter,ec power cord is plugged into both the printer and an electrical outlet.


Be sure that the ribbon is installed with intermwc shiny side facing the print head. Clean the paper path. Replace the cable if it is damaged.