Now with the new version of Maximo that was deployed, they are telling us connections of this kind are just not possible. Follow the instructions in Connecting to a database from Windows systems. Now in version 7. If your DB2 instance resides on a different machine, don’t worry. In all cases, Maintenance Managers identified the need for a report, and worked with Dr. I agree with Dave, in Maximo v7 the ad hoc reporting is very robust. For more information, see Database connections.

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Creating an ODBC connection to an IBM DB2 database

In the form, you can modify existing entries of your DB2 table by simply modifying values in the form. Optional Select the default data source name at the top of the page, and then enter a unique data source name for use in Tableau. The number of exceptions are trended with time so that progress can be tracked.

Once the user defines the subset that is to be analyzed, a stand-alone workbook containing all of the pertinent records is generated.

IBM DB2 – Tableau

Here is an outline of how it works. From IBM’s web page:. It is a tremendous repository of valuable information regarding asset management for large multinational corporations. Viewable by all users Viewable by moderators Viewable by moderators maximi the original poster Viewable by moderators and the original poster.


This program mines data from Maximo to estimate the cost of future preventative maintenance costs. If ibmm, can someone point me to a guide as to how to this? Criteria Usage Questions with keyword1 or keyword2 keyword1 keyword2 Questions with a mandatory word, e.

ODBC Connections for Windows 10 – IBM Developer Answers

If you have been using the instructions in Working with databasesthe next odnc is Maxkmo ODBC connections for globally coordinated transactions optional. This tool performs a query into the Maximo Database, returning records that are within 21 days of, or beyond the deadline for owner action.

Log in to reply. IBMintegrationMedia channel For community support, visit: Any additional parameters that are provided by your chosen database drivers are not tested or supported in a broker environment; consider your requirements carefully before specifying other parameters in your tailored ODBC. Maybe you didn’t see the 2nd step?

Rather, they tend to use forms to interact with underlying database data. Thank you for the screenshots, and sorry for the delay — I’ve been trying to install this on other Windows 10 machines to see if the problem I encountered was related to that one machine. For the sake of simplicity, it is assumed that DB2 and Microsoft Access coexist on the same physical machine.

Hi, did you right-click ‘Run as Administrator’ when installing the file? If the driver is not installed on your computer, Tableau displays a message in the connection dialog box with a link to the Driver Download page where you can find driver links and installation instructions.


The tool will send out emails to each owner, clustering all records for each owner into one email. Asset Spare Parts Email Reminder This tool performs a query into the Maximo Database, returning records that are within 21 days of, or beyond maximi deadline for owner action. Check with your IT for a list of all of them.

Enabling JDBC connections to the databases. If you cannot run a report to get what you need then your IT is failing to provide the reports you need. For a complete list of data connections, select More under To a Server. Preventative Maintenance Forecasting Tool.

Subscribe me to comment notifications. Some equipment breaks more often than others. This connector requires a driver to talk to the database.

Enabling ODBC connections to the databases

You do not have to follow the tasks that are described in this section. I’m running the installation file as administrator.

Add an entry as shown below:.

It is assumed that your DB2 database access privileges allow you to change data in the database.