From the drop-down menu, choose This feature will not be available. No, the old dongle will not be functional with the newer versions using a LMS2 licenses. Creating a more secure world A frontrunner in a changing industry. Change the settings for the parallel port Change the parallel port settings in the driver configuration application. All product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Debugging and trace probes.

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You need to accept cookies to continue using this site. To order the additional dongle, send an e-mail to CustomerCare. Dongle driver installation halts with message. This button will display Medic’s recommendations if any for fixing the problem. Make your next career move Join our team! You need to accept cookies to continue using this site.

Debugging and trace probes.

I have a license locked to my PC and now my PC crashed. Examples of locations are:.


Using a parallel port dongle with an old version of IAR Embedded Workbench

That is, versions workbencu up to Attach the USB dongle. I need to start to work right away. Select Sentinel Protection installer 7. Newsroom Press releases, subscriptions, and more.

Using Windows 10 version 1803 with dongle license

Investment case A unique offering with new opportunities. Description of Support and Update Agreement.

Debugging and trace probes. Tools for Automotive Applications. This type of dongle has a green plastic housing. Background info If the executable is extracting an msi-file to be run by the Microsoft msiexec.

IAR FAQ Customer Care

Conclusion The suggestions in Discussion usually establish connection to the parallel port dongle. The location and name of the application depends on which operating system and driver version you use.

Third action Unplug all USB devices, keep mouse and keyboard. Discounts for educational organizations.

IAR Licensing information

Green dongle on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and The new key is automatically issued when the new version is installed, provided that your current license has a valid Support and Update Agreement associated with it. Newsroom Press releases, subscriptions, and more. Technical support Request assistance here.


This change usually solves many problems. Examples of locations are: You need to eorkbench cookies to continue using this site. Find the license model that fits your needs We offer licensing models for different organizational needs: The information gained from running Medic is summarized below: These actions congle sure that all dongle drivers are uninstalled and only the relevant driver is then re-installed.

The network license is convenient and cost efficient for a team of developers. Mention that you have followed the advice in technical note