External GPS antenna connection provision is provided [ citation needed ] for clear signal reception. Starting with the basics, the Mogul’s voice features include a speakerphone, voice commands, smart dialing, speed dial, vibrate mode, and text and multimedia messaging. Phone looks and feel great, very stylish, up to date with technology, and superb screen size. The Android software stinks, could use better functionality like the iphone. Gets great recpetion here in Iowa. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in I miss the iphone due to simplicity, easy to navigate and organize app around.

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Sprint HTC Mogul PPC-6800 Review

The built-in GPS receiver was intended by some wireless providers to be used preferably with Telenav, which is a service that charges users monthly fees or fees based on the amount of downloaded map data. A, the Mogul was faster than its predecessor.

Once its dead its dead. The five-way controller is flanked by two soft keys, a Send and End key, the Windows menu key, plus an OK key for minimizing programs.

Continue to next poc 01 Good luck finding a decent price on a 4 GB card, though. A total of thirteen buttons, not including the keyboard, 5-way directional pad, or the three-way jog pc. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Pros -Little bit less bulky feel to it, though the size difference is marginal.


Sprint network is great but their data network isn’t tha t great. A free update later this year will provide users with Office Mobilewhich will support the use of Office file formats.

What’s more, the screen measures 2. Ease of use of windows is good, takes some finesse to get ringtones to work but it is nice that you can use a whole song instead of just a clip. The flat layout, much like the T-Mobile Wing’s, is large enough to prevent typos, even when you’re sending long e-mail replies, but the tactile feedback could be a bit better.

Also, the keyboard is slightly difficult to use.

Sprint HTC Mogul PPC Review

Phone looks and feel great, very stylish, up to date with technology, and superb screen size. I give it a good rating and not a excellent because there is still a lot htf improvement that can be done. While this does make it easier to open by accident than the older models, the mechanism is as durable as ever, being able to stand up to routine use without seeming to give way.

Yet things are starting to look up–for Sprint subscribers, anyway. Compare These Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Archived from the original on November 29, See details for full description. Better look to the mobile operating system. Sometimes we weren’t sure whether we hit a letter. All in all the phone I find is a great upgrade to my old phone.


HTC Titan (Windows Mobile phone)

This smart phone is littered with buttons; it’s like the antithesis of the iPhone. It has built-in Bluetooth 2. Batteries perform good unless you are using flash from like watch youtube videos. It has a few annoying flaws, but the Mogul opc worthy of its unabashedly cheeky moniker.

An array of shortcut keys surrounds the display; at the top, you have quick-launch buttons to your messages and Internet Explorer Mobile, while there are two soft keys, the Talk and End buttons, a Start menu shortcut, ppc OK button, and a four-way navigation toggle below the screen. Without consulting the specs, the Mogul looks quite a bit smaller than its predecessor.

It was also stiff to press and would stick sometimes.

If you take a quick, degree visual tour of the Mogul, you’ll notice a lot of buttons adorning the device. We’re not done yet.

High Tech Computer Corporation.