When I installed FC5, I set up my raid0 array and everything was great. If you need to specify any additional devices to be installed, do so at this time. Does anyone know how this. Comment on this change optional. Nevertheless I lost functionallity. Contact your hardware vendor. Get it while there hot.

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If you remove a disk from the controller but the software does not notice this event, it is also unable to notice the event when you plug another disk back to that location. Thanks for reporting this bug and any supporting documentation.

This bug was filed against a series that is no longer supported and so is being marked as Won’t Fix. Unsupported series, setting status to “Won’t Fix”.

raid driver hpt370 372

Follow the system prompts to finish driver installation. My apologies for a late answer and thank you for yours.

Impossible to install 9. This site maintains listings of Windows XP. Install driver during the process of Windows NT4.


Which cd images did you attempt to install from? Please review this file for important information about compatibility issues and differences in operation that were discovered after our product manuals were created.

To use the new driver, you must replace the old one before you continue into graphic-mode setup. I want to recover all the. We advise you to use a variety of download managers like “FlashGet” or “Download Master”. Charlie Kravetz charlie-tca wrote on Follow the system prompt to finish the installation, and restart.

This is exactly the same disk connected to HPT controller.

Re: IDE RAID, htp/ help

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Gave up waiting for root device. Nevertheless I’m willing to help and spend some time for gathering any information at need, but some support is required: To start the download, select one of the servers and click “download”.

I’d rather not mess with my. After installation of the Xubuntu I had the following kernel: Add tags Tag help.

Kernel started to boot and then I’ve got the following message: To avoid this problem, you must use load utility v2. The lspci that was provided does not show a HPT in your configuration. ice


Highpoint HPT370/372 IDE RAID Controller Free Driver Download

This bug affects 2 people. From EliteGroup Computer Systems: RAID Controller item exists in the popup Device Manager window, it indicates that the driver has been successfully installed. Abit has released BIOS updates that implement.

This page provides detailed instructions on how to completely uninstall HPT To post a comment you must log in. DVD burning device 2, slave: It does not seem that the lspci is from a Abit SA6R. Otherwise, please reinstall the driver. It is very easy to compile module, outside.