Fixed an issue where an errant request from HP P Command View to access an unused code development device causes the array to terminate. Page 79 – Operating system and multipath software Go to the following link for details and the hotfix download: Technical Phone Support 24×7 telephone technical support is available to assist with hardware warranty related troubleshooting and issue resolution. Fixed an issue where too much spare capacity was reserved, returning disk group spare allocation to pre-XCS levels.

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HP EVA P6000 User Manual: Installing The Mpio Feature For Windows Server 2008

Technical Phone Support 24×7 telephone technical support is available to assist with hardware warranty related troubleshooting and issue resolution. Controller termination This section describes issues that can result in termination of controller operation.

Fixed issue where event 0x09e0b70e is falsely generated for virtual disks that are not thin provisioned during a shrink or expand process: After upgrading your controller software, if you notice h errors, replace the fans.

The P EVA offers you hardware improvements designed to improve performance and offer more capacity. Upgrade and downgrade paths For details about supported upgrade paths to XCS 1see Table 3.

Fixed an issue in which while attempting to regenerate a failed drive, the storage system terminates TEC: Unaffected virtual disk members usable after hardware failure With the 1 controller software release, virtual disk members of a P630 Access DR group that are not directly impacted by a hardware failure will be usable after the hardware failure is resolved.


XCS 1 or later support requires: More information can be found.

HP P EVA Release Notes (XCS ) (, March )_百度文库

Customer self repair parts come with step by step instructions with additional assistance available online or by phone. HP P Thin Provisioning software provides a host with virtual capacity wijdows, allocating just-enough actual area in the volume from a pool of physical capacity and just-in-time for a write request from the host.

Fixed issue that can result in a wjndows controller termination if a controller termination occurs while a mirrored cache flush is in progress on the Continuous Access destination array. Furthermore, P Command View also provides audit logging capability of user actions and events that change the system state.

The latency issue is not seen with disk groups containing disks or less. HP Virtual Connect Ent Page of Go. You can download these documents from the following website: Select Data Replication Options. Fixed issue with DR group metadata that can result in virtual disk inoperative conditions when other failures occur on the storage system.

Fixed an issue where metadata volumes were not properly promoted due to read errors on the source volume. Consult with your HP representative for the supported version. Fixed an issue in which a pending DR log merge caused a controller termination.

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For example, a 5 GB minimum log size can contain 35 percent overhead, while a 40 GB log file might only contain 10 percent overhead. Click the Security tab. To further clarify this feature: Disks disk groups, virtual disks This section describes issues affecting physical and virtual disks or 20003 groups, which can lead to a range of behaviors including a loss of redundancy, performance impact, or data unavailability. Hp p enterprise virtual wihdows disk drive firmware supportapril 8 pages.


P Continuous Access can provide you the highest level of FC SAN data protection in order to meet disaster tolerant business continuity implementation goals.

Installing The Mpio Feature For Windows Server – Hp EVA P User Manual [Page 89]

Fixed an issue where performance metrics reported by the firmware are calculated incorrectly. Symptoms of this issue are: A recursive termination will require manual intervention to address.

It also offers integration with virtual server platforms from VMware, Microsoft, and more, plus broad operating systems support. A Storage System Virtual Disk’s allocation alarm level threshold has been reached. XCS 1 This document contains information specific to the release of XCS 1which applies to the following array models: