There is also a network edition dongle called Guardant Net II. It sets a new level of security through a hardware implementation of digital signature and tunneling encryption of the communication protocol between the dongle and the protected application. Guardant Sign Net A modern dongle for efficient protection and licensing of software running in computer networks. Guardant Time dongles are easily updated remotely. The dongle supports all features implemented in Guardant Sign: It is possible to upgrade dongle memory remotely in a secure way to change the license capacity of a dongle or the time limit for usage guardant stealth net ii based license. It is used for software protection based on its symmetric encryption functionality.

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All the memory has hardware stfalth against invasion analysis. Network protection is based on principles common for all dongles, that is, on using all the Auto Protection and Guardant API features to protect a network application.

Provides protection at the level of local dongles by using end-to-end traffic encryption and secure license server. This dongle together with Guardant Automatic protection provides a cost-effective approach for Win32 and. The clock is protected against altering and can run about 3 years on a single battery.


Time dongles have all the advantages of Sign with the addition of time licensing. May provide dual licensing:. A high-speed, cross-platform dongle with built-in real-time clock and self-contained power supply.

Working in HID mode without additional guadant. Online Order Where to Buy Terms. After all Guardant API allows developer to enhance protection quality and create his own unique mechanisms. It is used for software protection based on its symmetric encryption functionality. Its operating speed is several times higher than that of previous generation dongles.

Guardant Anti-piracy Protection System

Functionality Support for RTC restrictions. Dictionnaire Reve benefits of using my blog. Guardant Net II is a dongle with the basic guardant stealth net ii for guardant stealth net ii protection of network software on Windows. A miniature form-factor of a Stealth II guarddant.

Basic dongle with guadant ID and of user memory. Li battery 3 to 5 years of use.

Guardant Stealth II

Functionality Automatic protection of Win32 and. Functioning of devices on a network is ensured through use of a high-performance fault-tolerant dongle server. You need activate support of JavaScript and Cookies in your browser.

Pseudo-code and obfuscation of protection components. The dongle contains hardware-implemented digital signature algorithms based on elliptic curve cryptosystems and AES encryption.

A miniaturized full-featured Guardant Sign dongle.

Guardant Net II is a ghardant with the basic features for the protection of network software on Windows. Guardant Sign is a leading edge dongle that protects software from illegal copying. Cryptographic algorithms Electronic signature based on elliptic curves ECC This subline of Guardant guardant stealth net ii fuardant designed for efficient protection and licensing of network software, including usage time based licensing.


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The dongle lasts about 3 years on a single battery, but may last up to 5. High-performance cross-platform USB dongle with asymmetric cryptography, hardware AES implementation, and the ability to work without drivers. Guardant Time Net The flagship of the network dongles line. The dongle contains bytes of protected memory, which is enough for license data storage and for the creation of several algorithms with different sttealth dongles.

Tools for protection of Guarddant applications. It has a number of cryptographic algorithms including tailor-made GSII64 or bit key for symmetric encryption. Functionality Tunnel encryption of the communication protocol traffic.