The cops on land won’t bother you since you are staying high, so just forget about them if you’re given wanted stars. Stop in the middle of the road and look to the left. You could also use two Bribe icons, an Outfit icon, or pay a visit to a Pay ‘n’ Spray. Welcome back to the s. Go through the open gate and look south. Use the Pay ‘n’ Spray to remove your wanted rating and then go to the final destination.

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I can assure that it’ll show you the easiest and most effective way to complete “GTA: You will finish the mission on your 2nd try.

GTA: Vice City Mission #42 – The Driver – PC Walkthrough

Repeat the procedure to complete the mission. Go east from the Downtown Ammu-Nation and look at your left for a white staircase leading up to a tall building.

You’re given 2 minutes to kill gtq gang members with a Shotgun. This way, your car will make a tighter turn around the corner and speed forward.

May 12, ESRB: Mission 34 – Bombs Away! Surprisingly enough, respraying–this time–is FREE!


Mission 43 – The Driver. Mission 41 – No Escape?

There are NO cheats, spoilers, or any segments of unnecessary boring information introduced in this FAQ. Go up to the first floor, go left, and sprint to jump over a low wall onto the rooftop. If you know other secrets, hints, glitches or level guides, then please Submit your Cheats and share your insights with other players. HP 98 – Fly east over the lot and across the street, then fly south to the inside corner of a bunch of billboards.

Go to the SE corner of the west island–Viceport. Let the medics rejuvenate the gangsters–if you kill them again, it will add to your score. After being briefed by Diaz, make your way thr the house mentioned.

GTA Vice City – iPad Walkthrough – Mission #42 – The Shootist – 百度视频

Mission 29 – Publicity Tour. Spray them, or the smoke right over them, to put out the fire. Click on the thumbnails to view the videos. Go to the roof of the cafeteria building between them.

The Shotgun has a short range, and it doesn’t kill anyone in a single shot. At level 4, you have to chase a moving car that’s on fire.


From it, turn right and follow the curved road north. If you like the site, why not register?

Mission #42 – The Shootist for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Go right, turn left, and go to the other side of it. Be careful while chasing him on the rooftops–you could fall down. From the Moist Palms Hotel, go north to the first intersection and go left. If they get too close to kill them fast enough, go to the middle of the road and do a sideways drive-by on them. There is a total of five Sub-missions vicr “GTA: The jury member will get into his car and try to drive away. Get any fast, durable car.

After you’re briefed by the Colonel, go to the second floor of the car park to grab a rifle. The package is in the northwest corner.