Have two people set the plotter without the Conveyor Rollers and Media installed on the Stand assembly using the index pins to align on the left and right top mounting brackets of the stand. You must choose between 32 bit and 64 bit. I am a tattoo artist professionally, no kitchen wizardry here , pinstriper and I also do some logo design and sign work both hand painted and digital. Install one Basket Tube thru the top two holes of the Tube Brackets front and rear. Do you actually need a driver? If any accessory is missing, contact your sales representative or the nearest Graphtec dealer. Is there an adapter available so I can connect it to a USB?

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Benutzen Sie diese Messer vorsichtig, um Verletzungen zu vermeiden. Is there an adapter available so I can connect it to a USB?


Page 97 – Step pass – setting the step pass Page 98 – Distance adjust – adjusting the length o Then reset the copy function again. Will cause damage to the unit. You can start your job by temporarily disabling the media size sensing function.

May 14, 3. If the middle pinch roller is not positioned in the center range of the media AND located over the grit roller, the media will not feed evenly.


Graphtec Corporation Vinyl Cutting Plotter Pro Fc4100-100

Note that the media can be loaded either before or after turning on the plotter. The cutter pen starts moving as soon as a cutting test grxphtec selected. May 14, 1.

The media sensors Contact your sales Media size sensor during initialization. Three preset conditions are available for easy access.

gralhtec Connect power cord to the plotter. Page – Step size – setting the programmable res This chapter describes plotter nomenclature and how to install your plotter.

When AUTO is selected, the resolution of circles and arcs will be automatically optimized. Page – Data dump – using the character dump mod When MANUAL is selected, commands specifying cutting conditions from the computer are ignored and the cutting conditions can only be set at the control panel. Page The media sensors Contact your sales Media size sensor during initialization.

Adjust the pinch roller positions Position the left and right pinch rollers to correspond with the width of the media. Hey All, Looking for some help here, I have a “hand me down” plotter I’d like to hook up and it seems that Graphtec no longer has the driver for this particular plotter. Contact your sales representative or nearest Graphtec dealer.


Insert the top two conveyor rollers. Select EXPAND when cutting a pattern that is almost as wide as the media and you do not mind having the footprints of the grit rollers on the edges of the pattern. Load the Media a Place the roll of media on the media stocker. Page 93 – Enabling the tangential emulation Page 94 – Speed – setting the pen up speed Page 95 – Offset angle – adjusting the blade offse Page The specifications, etc. I will post after I figure out what works best. Page 96 – Offset force – setting the offset cut pr Avoid use or storage of the plotter in places subject to direct sunlight or the direct draft from air-conditioning.

Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs Dec 31, 8. Page of Go. I know for a fact that the plotter worked just fine before it was taken out of service in favor of a newer model. Tel Dec 13,