I know some are only interested in hard core realism for ROF, but I feel for most, the option to be able to make use of elevator trim would be a good addition for the future. My particular hardware version information is: Can anyone confirm this and can it be adjusted in the software? Rudder travel is nice and the spacing of the rudders is perfect. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Any suggestions for me on how to proceed? This bot wants to find the best and worst bots on Reddit.

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Strangely, the –print-mappings output of that command indeed has 18 buttons, but they’re numbered 0 to 21, skipping 12 to A propeller is just a big fan in front of the plane used to keep the pilot cool.

Honestly I would like a ffb stick simply to remove any centering force issues around the middle. There’s also an XML of my Logitech profile that you can import into the profiler to get you started, but be careful if you use it I have flown flight sims for many logitexh and tested many, many settings to overcome the issues that persisted but to no avail.

Here are two quotes. Imho, deadzones are more for flightsims were you logjtech have to aim perfectly, like civil flightsims or when flying jets ok, in a dogfight you would probably need the cannon. This is not really a review but just my feelings after a month with the G The dual lever throttle is quite a rare design.

Logitech Flight System G | SimHQ

It’s not surprising really as some previous logitech offerings have left a lot to be desired in this department. I liked all the features of the unit but returned it after 30 days. H940 there are specific questions left you can ask here and you will get help how to solve this. Can anyone tell me if this is possible to adapt to this situation with 1 joystick xml file?


Logitech G940 and Force Feedback

Also I can see that as a general rule, any new joystick files should first control elevator and ailerons with their “main” up-down-left-right controls, then if they have pedals that would naturally control rudder next most importantand so on. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. You have to re-setup everything. The Logitech G looks to be on sale at Amazon! I am very curious about this as well.

A nice addition is the carpet spikes that pop out with a button push.

Worth the price if you ask me. There are not too many big competitors in the flight sim market but it is nice to see Logitech jumping into the market finally, with a solid comprehensive offering as the g Most oogitech I’ve looked at just seem like plastic toys to me, but these are solid and very realistic I am a pilot by trade.

But if you use the seachfunction here, g94 will get a whole list of how to program a joystick. Dual throttle design Option to straight bolt thru all controllers to a hard mount.

If I put my feet in the heel cups just the weight of my legs on the pedals is enough to make them flex and wobble all over…. I still have this issue in linux if I am using FlightGear 2. This means that in games assuming the game supports the force feedback options will allow you to feel your aircraft as it reacts to various things in the in game environment.


Logitech G and Force Feedback – General Discussions – Rise of Flight Forum

Oh, did I mention this unit comes with Force Feedback? Or, from anyone that’s currently using it as it is – is it really worth it? They’re inverted in the default G layout.

Logtiech sent a ticket and I know I’m not the only one with this problem, I keep looking in vain in the update logs to see that they’ve fixed it. The overheating problem is documented by others in the Logitech forums but is not universal. It’s external from the game, but I like it The force feedback I have only felt during the Windows calibration screens, where it goes haywire as you press certain buttons, but is certainly powerful Why can this not be set to zero, and let the application handle whether it is jitter noise or a real input from the user?

I think the G stick is far better, both in ergonomics and accuracy which is no doubt due to the use of hall sensors over pots. Are the rudder pedals up to scratch?