The following shows the reference section for each procedure. Action Cancel the interrupting operation. Paper Types The following table lists the paper types supported for each paper tray, duplex module, and the finisher. If this report is set to be printed automatically, it is printed each time when a broadcast transmission is complete. Action A finisher is needed to perform stapling. Clicking on the [Import] button removes stored documents from the mailbox, and saves them in the specified directory.

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Overview of Auditron Administration Overview of Auditron Administration This section describes an overview of the Auditron Administration feature that can be used with the machine. Enables ID card copying.

CartridgeMate ยป Fuji Xerox DOCUCENTRE II Laser Cartridges

Action Glossy printing paper easily sticks to the document glass, and shadows are sometimes scanned and reproduced as dirt. File Name Conflict Setting Procedures When a File Name Conflicts with others When using the [Scan to PC] feature, dochcentre-ii can set the action to be taken when the file name conflicts with another file stored in the destination.

Refer to dlcucentre-ii Paper in the Trays 1 to 4″ The image conversion processing for the data may be finished partially. Connection to the server cannot be established for Address Book query.


Remote Mailbox is applied. If you have toner toner mixture, concentrated or diluted unused or of no need to use, or if you spilt a large volume of toner, contact your Fuji Xerox Customer Support Center. Docucentrre-ii the paper tray whose paper type setting is to be changed at [Items], and select [Change Settings].

When loading paper other than plain paper in trays, change the paper type settings. Contact our Customer Support Center if the problem persists after you have tried the following solutions. Cause The network between the computer and machine is abnormal. Always All Operations A passcode docucenfre-ii is required when a mailbox is selected or a document in a mailbox is printed or deleted. Printing 9 Computer Operations Printing This section describes the print procedure.

Do not use this function. If the machine conditions are not improved by performing the relevant remedy, contact our Customer Support Center.

Step 1 Entering System Administration Mode Page General Settings Superfine dpi Select this item when transmitting documents with extremely fine images. No cover note is added. You can also change settings for the print mode and fax receiving mode. Select the paper type to be set and then select [Save]. Remote Mailbox Select whether to use mailbox communications.


DocuCentre-II 2055 Drivers & Downloads

Output Format The date and time are printed. Check how many users can access to the shared folder.

Set the time difference from GMT. Original Orientation Specifying the Orientation of Loaded Documents In order to identify the top of the document, the orientation of the set document must be configured. Saved Faxes – Auto Delete select the copy ratio Polling Retrieving Documents from Remote Machines Use [ ] and [ ], or select [Enter Number using Keypad] and enter the first page Page Overview of Auditron Administration feature.

For more information, refer to Scan Mode Settings P.

A comment is added docycentre-ii the sender field. Using [ ] and [ ], configure a power saver mode migration time in 1 minute increments. A mailbox needs to be registered beforehand. By executing [Start], all data registered in the machine is deleted.

Page Setup Menu With the numeric keypad, enter the address number to or group dial number 01 to 09 for the broadcast destination, and select [Add].