Typical dimensions of FDM series pulsers are x60x40 mm. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The terminating loads with such average power capable of absorbing high voltage and high bandwidth pulses without any reflections are relatively expensive. In the Pockels effect, also known as the linear electro-optic effect, the birefringence is proportional to the electric field. This is often not perfect and drifts with temperature. Pockels cells with longitudinal electric field. Longitudinal devices have the electric field in the direction of the light beam, which passes through holes in the electrodes.

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FID GmbH is offering several types of Pockels cell drivers which have similar technical specifications, triggering and power systems.

Pockels effect

To increase the quality of the recordings, MCA patented a Pockels cell stabilizer that reduced the second-harmonic distortion that could be created by the Pockels cell during mastering. The triggering is both internal and external.

Transverse devices have the electric field perpendicular to the light beam. Most other nonlinear crystal materials e. After a voltage change, sound waves start propagating from the sides of the crystal to the middle.

The Pockels cell thus acts as a voltage-controlled waveplate.

Longitudinal devices have the electric field in the direction of the light beam, which passes through holes in the electrodes. Jitter of this value is only ps, which allows precise timing. For a Pockels cell with longitudinal electric field, the crystal length does not matter, since e.


The Pockels effect first described in by the German physicist Friedrich Pockels is the linear electro-optic effectwhere the pockwls index of a medium is modified in proportion to the applied electric field strength. Key advantages of Pockels cell drivers based on FID technology: Usually, only some of the coefficients r ij are fud, depending on the crystal symmetry and the orientation of the coordinate system with respect to the crystal axes.

Typical Pockels cell have half-wave voltages of hundreds or even thousands of volts, so that a high-voltage amplifier is required for large modulation depths. Large apertures can easily be realized, as the required drive voltage is basically independent of the aperture. Sorry, pocckels don’t have an article for that keyword!

FID GmbH – Applications – Pockels Cell Drivers – FDS Series Overview

Putting it at the fld of a transmission line leads to reflections and doubled switching time. Due to the growing of the polarized volume the electric field in the crystal in front of the wave increases linearly, or the driver has to provide a constant current leakage. Larger apertures are possible without pocjels the half-wave voltage. Some of these polymers exhibit a huge nonlinearity, with nonlinear coefficients which are an order of magnitude larger than those of highly nonlinear crystals.

Pockels cells for fibre optics may employ a traveling wave design to reduce current requirements and increase speed. FDS driver is connected to the Pockels cell by cables with the impedance of Ohm. Q-switchingchirped pulse amplificationand cavity dumping use this technique. Most of modifications of this series are forming bell shaped voltage pulses with the pulse duration pockeld half maximum of ns and the amplitude of kV. The half-wave voltage of a Pockels cell with transverse electric field depends on the crystal material, the electrode separation, and the length of the region where the electric field is applied.


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External triggering pulses should have the amplitude cfll V, the duration of ns and the rise time of ns. At the PRF higher than 10 kHz it is necessary to use forced air cooling of a driver housing and integrated heat sinks. FDS Pockels cell drivers Reference models. The delay of the high voltage pulse relative to the triggering pulse is about ns. By using pockkels site, you agree to pockele Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Standard dimensions of the FDS drivers are xx mm. FDM modular type drivers have a compact size which makes it easy to place them very close to a Pockels cell. Click here to see typical nanosecond and picosecond Pockels cell drivers. This is important not for pulse pickersbut for boxcar windows. Behind the sound wave the crystal stays deformed in the equilibrium position for the high electric field.