Pretty much every other aspect of the ‘s design revolves around this new grip style, so we’ll cover the layout and features before diving in to what it feels like to make the grip-switch. Chief among these is the modular weighting system fairly similar to Logitech’s G5 that Creative has dubbed “G-Weight. That was all I needed to hear. A glossy-red thumb button sits on the left side of the mouse. Despite being slightly annoying to spell out, the Fatal1ty mouse is what Creative markets as a gaming grade mouse, designed in conjunction with Mr. When I wasn’t, the claw-grip was uncomfortable compared to the G7. The thumb button is also bothersome for Windows, as it has a spongy character unless you are doing the claw and depress it directly.

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In the case of vatal1ty Fatal1tyit really boils down to whether or not you can embrace a new way to hold the mouse. Best Computer Accessories for We sat down for some old-school tournament action in Quake 3: The Fatal1ty ‘s most notable feature is its swappable weight system. The cores are quite simple to remove and insert, and we never had a problem with the fqtal1ty popping out while in use. Visit manufacturer site for details.

Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Mouse Review

Compared to the G7 we had on hand, it looks almost like a travel mouse. Weighing in at 3. The mini version of the MX Master, Logitech’s flagship wireless mouse, is almost as feature-rich I like the design well enough; it looks pretty with its glossy black finish and shiny red weight.

We would say that we preferred it to the stiffer motion of the G7’s click wheel, except for the fact that Creative did not incorporate a tilt feature to the wheel.


Creative Fatal1ty mouse The Creative Fatal1ty mouse, named for Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, one of the most famous gamers in the country, offers a great set of features for hard-core cyberathletes.

The top-loading weight system made swapping weights a breeze–it took only seconds, as long as the weight cartridges were within 110 reach.

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It is unknown which weight Fatal1ty himself prefers. As if to make this point clear, there is a lighted Fatal1ty logo fahal1ty of the thumb button. No matter how many gimmicks a mouse packs in, the real story has to be how well it let’s you play a game. For those accustomed to traditional mice, it’s a pretty big change, but this was mousw way Fatal1ty wanted it, and Creative wasn’t going to argue.

Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Mouse Review – IGN

Our test machine had both a Logitech G7 and a Fatal1ty installed, which allowed us to change mice in the middle of the game for comparison. In our modern age, you really can’t call yourself a celebrity unless you’ve got your name stickered and slapped on as many products as you can feasibly endorse.

It wasn’t a revolutionary change, but I found myself making significantly more touch-shots, like catching someone with a rail-gun head shot while I was in the middle of a jumping Will the tutelage of Fatal1ty himself make Creative totally “”, or will the company soon be searching for its own cyber-pseudonym to hide its shame?

Creative’s support Web site includes knowledge-base articles, drivers, and software updates as well as discussion forums and an e-mail form for tech support. The Fatal1ty Mouse has been designed with a completely new chassis and a host of features to give gamers a shot at playing like the best PC gamers in the world.


A sensitivity switch conveniently placed below the scrollwheel selects one of three preset sensitivity levels and changes color each time you choose a different setting: Creative Fatal1ty mouse review: This is a big problem indeed.

I was skeptical until I was paging through the manual and noticed a warning from the State of California that stated that the mouse wire was known to have cancer-causing elements in it and that I should wash my hands after touching it. I suppose I could have tried to mouuse Creative, but the discussion on the forums led me to believe that Creative is either non-responsive, cyclical in their fatla1ty, or only offers to replace it with another mouse which will break in a month.

Creative Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse

About Creative Mokse Releases. I play mostly FPS first person shooter games and I play with a high sensitivity so this mouse has been great. The necessity of the third mouse button for the ring-finger is somewhat debatable, and gets especially annoying in general Windows use as it is easy to hit instead of the middle button for right-click actions.

Despite being slightly annoying to spell out, the Fatal1ty mouse is what Creative markets as a gaming grade mouse, designed in conjunction with Mr. Visit our network of sites: The cpi HD-Optix laser engine offers up to 6X the resolution of standard optical mice, mose the 6.