Holding the shift key and touching a fader sets it to unity gain. Support for Cubase 4. Be sure of a few things: When you enter the triptych viewer in Smoke and you have the NAV and SHIFT button enabled at the bottom left of the panel , you can use the three jog wheels to control the three positioners in the timeline. Davis 8 years ago. This mapping is for when you have applied the colour warper to a clip in the timeline. Obviously you have to really learn your software and get deeper into levels but I seem to have hit a wall lately with learning Logic and I have been more in the mood to write and just lay down tracks.

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Support for Nuendo 4.

It’s mapping is self explanatory. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Blue tint on MC Control touch screen is resolved for users with multiple computer monitors. The hot-key guide on the panel Thanks I have both Support for Logic 9.

Euphohix yes, you can store up to 4 copy and paste grades.


This is the colour warper button. You can hold the shift key during Pro Tools launch to show this dialog. Quit logic then start EuControl, turn on your console and wait for it to boot, and then start logic. Where do i find this smoke.

How do I connect directly to a Mac?

Don’t hesitate they make the mackie UI which I sold to get this look like kid toys. Faster Logic Pro track add and delete. Euphonis thanks for your answer, I have Smoke for mac SP4, which is the recommended version of eucon software package?

Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. This also affects KVM support which now functions correctly. Improves network performance when connected to certain Ethernet switches that have Flow Control enabled. Mac OS X Tiger If you are on subscription than the update is free from Smoke the old version you are using.

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Hi Grant Thanks you’re right, my problem it was generated by the Smoke version. They were crashing and forgetting their connections.

Previous post Mac OS But then, music users are especially sensitive, and I think the situation would be even better if developer communication were improved and rollbacks were possible even without Time Machine. Pro Tools 10 support. Now since I cant Vlog anything yet as per my reasoning above, I decided to give you the next best thing!


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Euphonix MC control and mix Hello board, I am about to purchase the MC mix and probably the control also and I am looking for some euphonux from people who own and use these with Logic.

The left section is zoom, panning and standard player modes. Gennadiy Snopkov 8 years ago. Ask a question Reset. Benjamin Spiegel 7 years ago. Let’s start off with the MC Transport panel.

For those users who have already updated to Version Hi, The MC Control has 8 endless encoders, tied in to the screen. The Euphonix hardware surface support. I also beta test their drivers. Before proceeding, we recommend that you download the latest software and documentation from.