Xavier Guihot 6, 8 18 Next, open a console to the ESXi host. If the host did not re-connect, manually Connect the host. But this only a part of the equation. I also do some photography and love having a go at playing the occasional XBOX game, Halo being my absolute favourite.

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Copy To Clipboard copy external link to clipboard copied! Compatibility — If you are leveraging new features introduced in vSphere 6.

Once you have your backup or snapshot, two options. Well this obviously not work if the VM has already been created in for example vmx and you only want vmx-8….

When ESXi is first installed, the bootbank partition is rol,back with the hypervisor core files and marked active. Leave a comment below! The Altaro VMware blog enables me to share the experience and knowledge gained and, much to my surprise, is what got me the vExpert award. The server will boot the previous version — 5.

Thanks for demonstrating how simple it should be to rollback juuuuust in case. Reverting an ESXi host is only valid if the host was updated using these methods: Once ESXi has rolled-back and booted, verify the correct exsi has loaded.


At this point, we can verify that the altbootbank partition has been populated with the files from the upgrade.

Did this article help you? Occasionally, you may need to revert to a previous version of ESXi. This article resolved my issue. VMFS 6 was introduced with vSphere 6.

Included VMware vSphere 6.

VMware ESXi – How to roll back to previous release after upgrade

Furthermore, the solution can be run on the off-the-shelf hardware. The network has had an intermittent connectivity and was difficult to track the problem. Backup software… You get the picture.

I assume that you took a snapshot of your vCenter Server. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

So, what I have in mind for this post is the following. IT and Virtualization consultant, owner of vladan. Find us on Facebook. For the purposes of this post, the one piece of information to cling to is the dual boot bank architecture ESXi implements for redundancy and recovery purposes. In the event you patch your hosts as opposed to fresh installsit is possible to rollback to a prior installed version via the GUI.


When the host is rebooted, the bootloader will then point to this partition instead of the previous one. If you still planning reverting back you have to think of it before upgrading. To begin put the host into maintenance modeensuring VMs are powered off or migrated away from the host.

How to roll back/downgrade Vmware ESXi to previous version – Renjith Menon

And as ESXi has that option, why not using it? This is a permanent endeavor. However it does not give reference on how to access the Console for the Host. Two other commands you may find useful are esxcli storage core device partition showguid and partedUtil showGuids.

Thank you for subscribing! I will now upgrade the 6.