Kresh is well known in the fields of broadcasting, recording, drama and advertising. Programs will be live and in stereo, beginning Sunday 29 , according to Wal- ter Neiman, vice-president of operations. By Geoboe Rogers Mansfield. Eleratloii of surftee, about 70 feet. The Air- plane performed against a col- orful psychedelic barrage of shapeless blobs and throbbing amoebae, pulsating madly to the beat of the band. Although the implicit model-following formulation is based on matching the derivatives of the actual system’s outputs to those of the command model, instead of the output values themselves, the controller does provide adequate regulation of the outputs without any need for the use of added “explicit” output weights i.

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In the ,odem open-loop formulation, the CGT must force the error between the model output and the system output to be zero: Complele ver- lion conducted by Pierre Monleux London. For that reason, a reader interested in using the specific tools developed herein is referred to the Floyd and Moseley works for a more complete development and description of related design software and methodology.

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Bill Carver, first tenor, is also a writer. Caay becomes greenish toward base. The following is the detailed section for the deepest well near the depot. Franz Alters will be the conduc- tor. This path was chosen to limit the rate of increase in control inputs to the actuators, and thus reduce the effects of the esss between the actuator rate capability of the nonlinear actuator model and that of the linear design model.

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Ramsey gets the idea rid- ing in from the airport Tuesday; gets Leonard and Marshall Chess excited; studio cleared on Wednes- day p. Scholarships to underprivi- leged children of all races and creeds are offered in return for the performance of cleaning duties and other chores around the school’s premises.


This slowed the regulator down, when viewed in terms of both rise and peak times, and reduced regulator control Inputs considerably. The Cleveland Orchestra treats these melodic and often frothy works with love and understanding, And while some of the serious classical buffs may pass this by, the musicianship of the Cleveland orchestra is worth the attention of the serious moddem well as 2838a casual buyer.

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More recently it has been used for experiments in extraction of potash. Kalinski, former CBS vice-president, has been ap- pointed president of the new group.

The veneer of marl may be removed by movem with the foot and the yellow sands Mount Laurel exposed.

On the assumption, as in previous estimates, of 28 per cent of voids and a weight of pounds per cubic foot, the total 22838s in an acre of the 2. Galileo’s first country hit was “Wolverton Mountain,” re- corded by Claude King in Singular value analysis of the matrices which are used to describe the control system has been shown to provide such a capability [4,7,11,12,14,15,18,24,27,30,35,37,38,41], and it will be described in some detail and used in this thesis.

The com- pany has signed contracts with four groups, and more are expected.

The Manasquan marl has been dug and extensively used as fertilizer. Unsigned vcrsary show of the “Grand 01c Opry.

The sides or banks have slmnped and are now overgrown with brush and trees, some of which have trunks 3 to 6 inches in diameter, as in the large pit 2 miles northeast of Richwood, in Gloucester County locality 44, PI.


The ”crust ” at a depth of 84 feet is thought to be the more massive lime- sand phase of the Viuccntown, but it may represent the shell bed at the top of 2838d Homerstown. The development of this type of “standard” PI regulator is outlined in Appendix A.

Some other method of analysis, such as simulation, would be required to determine the ac’tual effect of such a perturbation. He is every inch the Figaro. Such insight was not in the repertoire of the author of this thesis.

Wadsworth would let the CATV systems originate some entertainment program- ming, even if only on one chan- nel of their system, without sac- rificing exemption locally, or in allowable situations.

For dancing, pro- gramming and juke box sales, it can’t miss. While much of the theory discussed is applicable to a wide range of problems, the analysis software developed in this study is useful only for designs based on the formulations of, and conducted using the software of, the 2838z thesis efforts.

Sand, clayey, with scattered pebbles 2 inches in diameter; matrix very fine textured, with floiuy feel and yellow oolor. The form of anti-windup compensation Investigated in this study dss a simple modification to the control law [30], which was Implemented as an additional user option in ODEACT.

Elevation, about 53 feet; deptn, feet. Thanks are also due Dr. Sonny James spent a week in the recording studios, seeking his 1 3th consecutive top record. Dawes was one of the leading dee- jays in the areas a few years back, when he spun the platters on WCPO here.