The main interface Installing Mixvibes is very straight forward, much the same as every other windows application. It does however offer complete configuration over all parameters and commands, and some fairly advanced stuff can be done here. Support for DRM-mangled media such as iTunes downloads is not present, but no self-respecting DJ keeps their music in that sort of format anyway. Many new features have been added, and the entire program feels much more professional and easy to use thanks to the new skins. Unfortunately, the third stereo output only functions if the soundcard is running in Posted Wed 03 Sep 08 6: These will be of limited use to DJs using Mixvibes as a DVS, but can be used to operate the third player or to play a set without external control if desired.

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Some have criticised past versions of Mixvibes for being unstable, and thankfully this was no issue – the program only crashed on me once, and that was because I tripped over the USB cable. Installing Mixvibes is very straight mkk2, much the same as every other windows application.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – All DJs’ with U46mk2 soundcard

Media management is arguably the most important feature of any DJ application, and a poor implementation can easily ruin an otherwise perfect DJ exi. There is also an “auto-loop” feature, which loops a user-defined number of bars, and relies on the BPM detection.

Unfortunately, the third stereo output only functions if the soundcard is running in Mixvibes Test System Model: The top section is for the two audio players, and the bottom houses the song library. I also tried it on three different computers two running XP, one running vista and had no problems with compatibility or drivers.

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It should be noted that most of the latency is caused i46 the soundcard and USB controller rather than the software, and Mixvibes itself has almost no inherent latency. Mixvibes supports all the usual audio formats – mp3, wma, wav and aiff – as well as some slightly more niche ones such as ogg and FLAC.


There are also 6 independent individual outputs on the backside, perfect for multi-channel playback applications like to provide individual outputs for software synthesizers, to provide independent playback channels for DJ software or to provide surround playback capability via a 5. With Master Tempo mode the reverse is possible – i.

A new feature with this version is the “Key Lock” knob – this changes the pitch of the track without affecting the tempo. The controller support in version 6 was at best rather sparse – it had no built-in MIDI mapping editor, and the default mapping configurations were only usable with a limited range controllers.

At a buffer size of 64 samples at A two totally separate stereo line input on the backside provide 4 simultaneously usable input channels at one time. So far no one has come up with any REAL ideas. No problem if all other software wants to be like us,it makes me feel even better when I am using VDJ.

Mixvibes wouldn’t be much esu a DJ app if it didn’t have the ability to be operated by external controllers and interfaces. I’ve changed my Latency settings from up to which is the highest the sound card will go. Operating the auto learn function couldn’t be more easy – just click the “learn” button, hover the mouse pointer over the function mj2 want to assign, and touch the control on the midi device you want to assign it to.

There is also a separate mapping editor for keyboard shortcuts which looks identical to the MIDI editor. All DJs’ with U46mk2 soundcard. Firstly, typing into the “search filter” box will display tracks containing that text – and this can be set to filter by title, artist, filename or mk other field.

It does however offer complete configuration over all parameters and commands, and some fairly eei stuff can be done here. Loops can be stored in any of the eight “loop memory” buttons and will be saved along with the track to the mediabase, so perfectly timed loops can be set up ahead of time. There is a large zoomable waveform display that scrolls as the track plays, and a eis display below that shows an overview of the track – features that users of any DJ app will be familiar with.


There are now two distinct product lines in the Mixvibes range. Presets are included for various types of users and keyboard localizations, and these include a handy diagram showing which key ewi what. Final thoughts Mixvibes has certainly come a long way since version 6, which was the last version reviewed on Skratchworx.

A cool feature is the DirectWIRE support in the driver, allowing you to record signals m2k one application to another internally.

Having these hidden by default is probably a good idea, since many of the functions are not relevant when using an external mixer, and this keeps the interface uncluttered and simple.

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Buffer is set at 6. CROSS is missing some of the features from the regular version, but is your only choice exi you’re a Mac user.

Looping and cue points are only available in the relative modes, but accurate tracking with no cue slip is guaranteed in absolute mode – so this is the mode beat jugglers will want. Ok downloaded the update, changed the look and it so far is working better, the music sounds louder, but let me not get too excited yet.

New groups can be easily added from the selection pane, so making up virtual record boxes is a doddle.