The height of the panel is adjustable by about 3 inches and the distance from the bottom of the bezel to the desktop is 4. Once I got through the set up and opened some of my digital photos, I was amazed at the clarity and quality of the display, which is even better than I had anticipated. I’ve tried to get around investing in a monitor, but am so sorry now that I didn’t take this step sooner. As a standard default space, sRGB allows Internet users to closely match colors. The monitor is a flat panel, which saves desk space.

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The included hood also makes a big difference; it does a great job of shielding glare from overhead lights Colors and density seem to stay the same within a reasonable angle of view compared to most other LCDs.

Windows 10 bit Windows 10 bit Windows 8.

EIZO ColorEdge CG222W

This patch can not use with other than Ver. Screen Adjustment and Settings Functions The following table shows all the Adjustment menu’s adjustment and setting menus. It’s a terrific way to work.

The following “cons” are rather inconsequential, but I mention them for what they are worth:. The bottom of the display is about 6 inches off the table when in fully down position.

Not having purchased the optional sensor I was concerned I would be at a disadvantage but it seems unnecessary. Don’t know the cause, have ezo researched a remedy yet. Basic Operation and Functions Adjustment menu allows you to adjust screen performance though the main menu and select a FineContrast mode easily.


ColorWiki – Eizo CGW Review

Reserved Articles Tools Reviews. We understand that those buying the Eizo monitor would have little use for HD resolutions, though. Accessing the connections proved fairly easy as they rest to the right of the stand; however, pivoting the display makes access a lot easier.

It uses a drift correction sensor as well as temperature monitoring to ensure consistent brightness. The buttons includes the source button that allows you to switch between the two DVI ports. Temperature Color Temperature is a method to measure the white color tone, generally indicated in degrees Kelvin. Adjust the brightness of the monitor according to the environmental conditions.

ITReviewed: EIZO ColorEdge CG222W Monitor Review

They are advertising that they have no more than 3 dE throughout the display – and my tests confirm that. User’s manuals may not be available for some end-of-life products.

UniColor Pro Software for simulating color vision deficiency protanopia, deuteranopia, and tritanope. Press to exit the menu.

Specifications LCD Panel 56 cm See this page for how to counter this issue. If it cannot be started, open the screen adjustment pattern files.

The display includes an easy-to-assemble, antireflective hood that drapes the panel, keeping unwanted light out. This page is a Reserved Article. OS X El Capitan Glossary Clock With the analog input signal display, the analog signal is converted to a digital signal by the LCD circuitry. I am able to distinguish shadows of 1 L value difference; highlights of at least 2 L maybe better. I’m very happy with the monitor’s performance.


Adjustment is needed when the input signal resolution and the resolution now being displayed are different.

Colors are even edge to edge, and the ability to rotate from landscape to portrait is really useful. The only reason that I did not give the product 5 stars was that I was disappointed it did not have full manual control over brightness and color so that I could use the standard color and brightness software that came with the x-rite eye-one display 2 puck.

The ony thing I found a little lacking were the set up instructions which leave out some details.

Coloredgf make a big deal out of this in their literature, and the display came with a sheet showing the results of the factory analysis of the uniformity tests they did.

Once I got through the set up and opened some of my digital photos, I was amazed at the clarity and quality of the display, which is even better than I had anticipated.