Connection details are stored in odbc. Why have I not yet had a reply to the email I sent to autolicense easysoft. Select 0 to exit. If your chosen directory does not exist, you will be asked whether or not the script should create it. Each section of the odbc.

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If any of these commands are missing they can be obtained from the Free Software Odbc-orzcle http: This is used to define the type of pooling required.

Comprehensive unixODBC documentation can be found at http: Test allows you to check that the client is able to connect to the specified server data source.

Easysoft ODBC-Oracle Driver Knowledge Base Articles

The E-Mail Address must be the same as the address used to register and download from the easysoft web site or you will be unable to obtain trial licenses.

Why does make test for Perl DBD:: If the installation locates a program which can display the license e. The default behaviour is odbc-oracld not trim spaces. The easyskft three options Email RequestPrint Request and View Request are all methods to obtain a license if your machine is offline i.

The Easysoft license responder puts an attachment in its outgoing emails that allows Windows users to activate their licenses with a double-click. How do I transfer an Easysoft license from one Windows machine to another? The Telephone and Facsimile fields are important if you require Easysoft to contact you by those methods.


If unixODBC is no longer required then the odbcinst. odbc-oracke

Where do I send license requests? There are a number of driver attributes that are stored in the odbcinst. As with any database software however, the performance of the driver can be greatly enhanced by tuning the driver configuration to match your specific requirements. How do I handle signals when using the Oracle client libraries? Zthen use:. This controls the number of records returned, which will be the total eaxysoft in order ezsysoft fill the allocated memory area.

For example, if the available memory can store two easyssoft then the next call to SQLFetch will not need to make a call to the server, as the required row will be held by the client already. Enter y to install this data source and unixODBC’s odbcinst will be used to add the data source.

The functionality provided by the client libraries lets you build high performance, secure, scalable, and fault-tolerant applications. Connection pooling allows an application to reuse a connection that was previously created and since closed.

If unixODBC is already installed, the installation script can use your existing unixODBCbut you should bare in mind the following possible complications of doing this:. The license text can be found in the file license.

Easysoft ODBC-Oracle Driver Performance Tuning Guide

Other optional attribute values may be set in the odbc. If you chose the automatic licensing method and licenses are retrieved, the licensing script outputs them to a file called licenses. Here you can see what you need to set the attributes to in order to configure your DSN correctly. This is the database password that is to be used to authenticate the sessions or connections. Change into the newly-created odbc-oracle- x.


Easysoft ODBC-Oracle WP Driver Beta (Default branch)

This is all you need to do for the client install! The Select Data Source dialog box displays the existing data sources on your system:. If you read dobc-oracle email in Windows, this attachment will be visible but it will not work for licensing Unix versions of the software.

If you have no other Easysoft products on your system and you are not using any copy of unixODBC that may be in this directory, then you can delete the easysoft directory too.

Accessing Oracle® Database XE by using the Easysoft ODBC-Oracle Driver

If you have obtained an authorization code for a purchased license, select Non-expiring License and then click Next. If the files passed the check or you continued then you are next asked for a directory in which to place the easysoft installation directory tree.

If the distribution file has been bzip2 ed i.