I have them set up as follo There is no denying the profile of the DTX brand and, as the flagship model, the Xtreme IIS has the job of, well, flying the flag for the whole range. Has all the tone and vibes you’d expect from a high-end electronic drum set. Great – thank you. I got the kit for Christmas last year and it has barely been put to use.

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Any specific questions to ask, do you think?

Manuals – Yamaha – United States

It says good condition I know, I know ftxtreme the pictures back this statement up. Sorry for the cluttered photos. I was hoping to canvass some opinion on whether or not you think this kit is still worth buying some ten years after it was issued. Says that he has used it probably times or so over the years, as he didn’t really get the urge to play regularly again; it has sometimes gone unused for three months at a time, but dtxtreeme always been set up in his home.

Help Contact Us Go to top. Feel free to send me his details Please read our VDrum. Image 5 of 6 The RHH hi-hat pad mounts on a normal hat stand. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

Yamaha DTXtreme IIS review | MusicRadar

Our Verdict Although it might not excite much in terms of sounds, and the disappointing hi-hat response lets it down, the big DTX vtxtreme has a legion of fans for whom it meets demands perfectly. As one of the runners in what is pretty much a two-horse electronic percussion race, Yamaha placed great store on the success of this e-kit.


This alone is enough to arouse interest from those considering a kit for live use. If you cannot post, please visit this topic for your solution.

Clearly, this is well within budget and would leave me plenty of spare cash for upgrades. Its very old and the sounds are very dated i would pass on it. This item is in good condition. Highly recommended for the right price.

Snare stand is very basic and the rack is missing a few pieces but with the included stands, you’ve got a co 2d extremely difficult to recreate accurately, that ‘in-between’ half-open hat sound eludes the Xtreme almost entirely – the leap between tight-shut and completely open is too, ahem, extreme and means that subtle hi-hat stuff 22s pretty much impossible.

So massive is the kit’s user manual that it almost acts as a deterrent to actually getting stuck in and learning the ins and outs of the module.

It’s not that old and it is barely used. Electro, If there were any triggering issues in any of the pad zones, at what point would the kit stop being viable, in your opinion? What is immediately clear when you come up against the Xtreme IIS for the first time is dtxtfeme it is an arresting-looking beast.


DTXtreme iis module, rack, hi hat on stand, snare on stand, 2 x crash, 1 x ride, kick. Also shop dtxtrwme Also shop in.


Last edited by electrodrummer ; Do you think that a kit, say, 10 or 11 years old is still viable? Firstly, I know I have been looking for help in buying my first kit from you before and I am very grateful for the information, so sorry to ask yet another question.

The Xtreme sound module is home to more than 2, voices, created by a bit AWM2 tone generator and organised into 90 factory preset drum kits 40 user programmable kits are also available. Originally posted by electrodrummer View Post. There is no denying the profile of the DTX brand and, as the flagship model, the Xtreme IIS has the job of, well, flying the flag for the whole range. Dtxyreme It gets a black mark for hi-hat operation and subjectively ordinary sounds.

All of the pads and cymbals which are 3 zone are utilized so there is no compromise in lack of sound that vtxtreme can produce. On top of the basic sonic capabilities, the device also acts as a sampler with 8Mb of memory dtxtremme and a two-track sequencer.