Corrected DV Prefill Option behavior. Zoom to active marker pair when already split or zooms to active marker and its last position. All settings Signals, Trigger Configurations, Searches will be converted even if the number of channels do not match. This also reduces the effort needed to associate values of the Marker Values column with their waveform, since this column is now beside the Name column. New Add, Delete and Copy features.

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The text for the default range selection of the “Raw” export dialog was blank when initially opened on a new project.

The measurement is always displayed for the ending Signal. These values are saved for each theme even when changing marker sets or m11 other themes. Added a User prompt to ‘Cancel’, ‘Apply changes’ or ‘Discard changes’. This version corrects the error and allows a trigger condition to be detected before the buffer prefill reaches the post-trigger buffer setting. The name of the selected k11 is displayed in the Active Marker Column above the plot’s displayed value.

Project Signals list will have a different background color based on valid capture data.


Features of creating a new, empty project or a project copy save as are still available. On XP systems, the percentage indicator reflected the correct buffer usage, but the bar indicator only displayed its position mark and not the fill color.


A broad, but reduced set of mixed colors, a full set of grayscale selections and the current theme colors can be chosen and previewed without closing the dialog.

This behavior has been modified so that it is no longer neccessary to hold the button. Im running Vista and XP, a dual boot system. Older Versions DigiView Version 8.

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Just like our Auto Searches, any normal search criteria can be selected. This can be used to quickly see information on a disabled search or a reminder of the signal assignment. Parsed Signals still have the alternate function of snapping to Frames instead of Fields but Signal Snaps on Parsed Signals will now skip all Field and Frame idle periods.

This version has corrected the issue so that export output matches the displayed example in the export window. The amount of extra padding varied with the number of characters in the field.

Resetting the Custom Theme to a predefined theme will also copy the marker set color brightness levels of that theme. Each waveform view remembers the time reference location independently.

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If the capture only included the transitions of interest, then the decoders stopped short of the last decode i. Corrected Post Trigger Buffer Configuration.

DigiView Capture & Analysis Software

A new “Reset” feature in each group of Analyzer Options, will reset the configuration to previous settings except for Threshold Adjustments, which are updated live. Added activation of the selected item by using the space bar in Auto Search. This error was related to availability of the Mouse device and was dependent upon system timing involving USB device availability.


This search is similiar to our Auto Search Windows which can halt the analyzer on a match countbut it differs by searching already captured data files and halts the search when the results match.

Corrected Capture Corruption error. New theme option to display backgrounds in a 3D Satin gradient or a Flat single color.

Corrected an obscure error in the I2C parser that would only occur if a specific bit pattern was present in the very last sample of a capture. These settings remain static for the project.

Status Window Shows capture statistics and marker times All measurements moved to new measurements window 5. However, if different than the ending Signal, the starting Signal will display an additional arrow to indicate the beginning measurement point. When cross linked, the time of Link Groups 1 and 2 will stay synchronized.

This release corrects the refresh issue so data changes are immediately visible without user input.