Send a private message to Kainer. Make sure ‘enable inputs’ is ticked then select the inputs and outputs from the respective drop-down menus. It works fine in sonar using ASIO drivers. Now I’m on to figuring out a good drum plug in to use Reaper and protools should co-exist with no problems Just got a Digi Rack. Richer, quieter, lower noise floor, etc.

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To Link to this download, please use vigi Pro Tools LE 6. Last edited by mj23; at One key is not to power on the digi rack until the computer is fully booted. One thing I’m beginning to suspect is that something in my system is grabbing the wave driver before the windows audio dialog runs.

Standalone Digidesign Windows Audio Drivers

Send a private message to Kainer. The ASIO Driver cannot support the audio input functionality of Native Instruments programs, except when used with AudioMedia III as a stand-alone driveror when used as a plug-in within another program such as Nuendo with other Digidesign hardware. Hopefully we can help you narrow it down. And, by the way, digi seems only marginally interested in making their audio interfaces work for standard OS audio duties, even on the Mac platform it’s single client there too, and is flaky at best.

  808NM 300MW DRIVER

Originally Posted by Steve36 Have you checked that the is working with with protools yet?

If you have Pro Tools LE 6. Do you have xp pro or home?

Other Buffer Size settings do not mute the output. Yes, the driver will only work on systems running Windows XP.

Wouldn’t you think they’d have fixed it by now? Digidesign does not provide a WDM driver for the Digi This is because Native Instruments Program inputs only work with hardware that reports a bit data path.

DIGI 002R WDM Drivers?

Dii how the presonus drivers were better on a brand new product! Let me know if this helps or not It was all about PCI settings, hence pointless. I’ll keep you posted on any discoveries if I have any. My FW interface is built in and it’s the TI chipset which is somewhat of a “standard”.

When the WDM drivers didn’t work, I upgraded to 6. Find More Posts by mj It is my understanding that the Digi wave driver is not a WDM driver. Hotplugging will force windows to re-recognize qsio device. The drivers show up in the list but when I enable them nothing happens. Here is the pertinent set of instructions for configuring the wave driver: There is no need for Pro Tools 6.


Digidesign ASIO Driver for Windows XP

I had originally downloaded 6. Any help would be appreciated! Not being able to close the window and being forced to do a new start is weird. In order to reset Reason, switch to a Buffer Size setting other thanclose Reason, reboot your computer, and launch Reason.

The saio now is One thing you need to know about is that when you change the sample-rate same place as before under ‘Asio configuration’ you won’t be able to close the window This was fixed with version 6. Digi Rack not connecting.