Horizontally, you’ll too face a loss of contrast and also clear reflections, if the angle gets acuter. Keyboard and touchpad are user-friendly. He told me I’m free to test it and return it if I’m not satisfied.. Your name or email address: I was wondering if I could upgrade the GPU. During standard usage, it is not very likely that this noise level is reached.

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Doom 3 and Fear run fine with low resolution and details, however, if you increase them, the built-in video card is quickly at its limit.

Dell XPS M Can I upgrade the Graphics Card? | NotebookReview

In contrary, the 85Wh battery clearly protrudes the notebook and slightly lifts the notebook. You would likely need to open the case and examine the system board xpw the correct part number. The hinges of the Dell M do not only look good, they also convince in use. Although the display is sufficiently bright for outdoor usageworking is somewhat cumbersome because of the reflecting surface.

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Although the sound is generally alright, the basses could be better. Wally33Oct 16, The display, a He told me I’m free to test it and graphis it if I’m not satisfied.


Despite the fan runs permanently even in idle modewe felt that the XPS is relatively quiet. The same is true, for the complete part with the XPS logo, which even wobbles a little bit.

We felt that the access time of the built-in GB harddisk was somewhat too low, and presumably also impeded a higher PCMark result. We think that this is maybe Dell’s way to differentiate between xos and business notebooks.

Review Dell XPS M1330 Notebook

I have been using my M for almost three years with no problem until now. Overheating issues, hardware failures. The performance of the XPS M is compared to competitor notebooks of the subnotebook class really excellent.

Especially the basses are not so good. Despite of a good performance, something has to be clear: The test attested good brightness and contrast to the The maximum volume is also only moderate. Sometimes, the fan runs even in idle mode at higher revolutions, which graohics the notebook appear a little louder, but, in total the noise is acceptable.

Can I upgrade the Graphics Card? Furthermore, we, would not call it annoying.

Unfortunately the XPS is only available with reflecting panelsso, outdoor usage is limited. The XPS provides a base equipment of interfaces, Here are some pictures of it.


For more information, you can try here:. Vertically, when looking from top down, you’ll quickly face a loss of contrast and a darkening of the display. Email Required, but never shown.

Furthermore, the notebook is equipped with a web cam, with either 0. I’ve run into way too many complaints about this specific laptop. Mine is REV A A04 looks more like a BIOS revision than a motherboard one, can you confirm this.

Dell XPS M1330.. Can I upgrade the Graphics Card?

Seems such a waste to let a perfectly good laptop go to waste, just beacuse it can’t display what is going on. The input devices, i.

This is mainly because of the low-frequency noisewhich is rather decent, despite of a noise level of