Your answer doesn’t make sense; it’s like when you take your car to the shop and the mechanic tells you to get a brand new car instead of fixing yours. To make matters worse, the documentation is wrong and Antec’s site is wrong too. It behaves the same with an IDE drive as well. There were defective and counterfeit ones from China and people started seeing capacitor failures in and later. Removing one gig of RAM did solve that problem.

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Driver for ethernet card. So, there’s a SATA3 success story for you. I bought my original PERL board in I ethernnet the motherboard, put in my original CMOS battery which was still charged, and waalaah, it worked like a charm. That will probably be intolerable to gamers. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used.

Downloads for IntelĀ® Desktop Board D865PERL

A technician recently installed me a new gb sata2 hard disk with Windows7 32 bit home premium, a new geforce mb, a ide dvd burner. My post probably came across as somewhat sarcastic – my fault for posting d865per, tired, sorry.


Heya Relevant system specs: Cant get memory to run in dual just single.

Vegan Fanatic, that kind of answer does not contribute to a solution and is not even correct information. Try installing the OS Win 7 and adding the Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers here during the installation, download floppy to usb external storage. Intel does not provide Win7 drivers for this chipset. They just finish what they’re doing and then take off again, much like a car engine bouncing etherne the rev limiter.

The motherboard is also compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista version operating systems, so you can enjoy the perks of it on some of the largest Windows edition platforms to date. Release Notes pdf OS: Well, replasing a motherboard always was a tought time consuming project. Yes I found a few issues but nothing drastic.

Always the same result.

Even though 32bit can’t use all 4GB, it can use 3. Try another version of win 7. You can tell that Win7 was written for dual-core CPUs or better. Do you have the appropriate iPod software installed?

It makes the machine much faster but at a price. Their architecture is very d865prrl related. Besides of this I have no trouble with this board whatsoever.


Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility https: Windows 7 does include the chipset drivers as well as drivers for most of the onboard hardware.

Reviews: Intel-DPERL-SocketBOXDPERL-Motherboard | eBay

Windows 7 and Linux have drivers that will at least get sound out of the sound card. But, if you are not a gamer, you can probably tolerate d865pperl if the price is right.

Check if you are using a 64 bit processor. With people dumping these older PCs, it’s not as expensive as it used to be to get 1GB ddr modules, and K ones go for peanuts.

There are many other things that also come to mind. The IRQs seem to be allocated much better and more automatically by Windows 7. Age is starting to show, Controller is giving out with use, and its time I upgraded. It trashed out the HD and came to a halt with only a partial install of the OS. That will probably be intolerable to gamers.