Showing 1 – 3 of 3 comments. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Since I mostly play iRacing, I don’t know what to do with my other Has Nvidia fixed that issue? Back when the series were hot, the latest newst cards. But it will be updated “soon”, which is the usual iRacing respons to questions when we get something

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It is a known issue that iRacin does not work very well with sli configurations. I have 2 in sli and it has been working like a charm With the latest patch they released that “how many mirrors” option. Very annoying if you are trying to pass them Nvidia has done some neat things, in cooperation with Oculus, to make this latest generation work much better in VR. At least with Surround. But there is a workaround, yet not very handy one.


Just a simple disconnecting the SLI-Bridge doesn’t do any good.

I just found this out with my triple-set. If the ping gets to high there will be issues like a car jumping from one place to an other. So here it goes. There are rumors iRacing works on a graphics overhaul – it is currently still running under DX9. Mirrors are a resource hog. I had to pull out the other card. I have reduced some graphics settings, but at this given track I could easily bring them back up. Default in the right upper corner.

Most people get a slightly better performance using two cards, but not as much as expected. Oh, and what comes to upgrading from 4GB, for iRacing a definite no-no. Bertram View Profile Irracing Posts.

Yet you may have to lower some image quality.

iracing sli issue? :: iRacing General Discussions

It is indeed very good – if you see how close in track position the racing in in the higher tiers, especially on the ovals, it is really a wonder there are not more lag incidents. I had to physically go behind my machine, disconnect xcc video connector, DVI and put it into the card next to it. If iRacing is your thing, I’d rather go for than 2 x ‘s.


I bought 2 brand new, had a triple monitor setup and here is where the problem started. One should run iRacing in Surround pretty darn well round FPS which is the minimum for me and I’m going to test that out today.

Getting started with SLIMax Manager (video tutorials)

Start a New Discussion. Although, there might be a fix coming to that pretty soon when iRacing gets the DX11 port out.

If they all are flashing cxf is yours I played games fine in surround and sli, no problems. Nvidia should do something about that. Also do you say the netcode is strange because people are ”flashing”?