This stems, of course, from severe Mommy Issues. Thanks RV and thanks to the three smart people in the room. This because Starfleet captains have a fairly loose leash, and as such there should always be a second opinion on if the choices they make are the right ones. Would be even more interesting to see this conversation happening at a real bar! From the beginning of climate modeling in the s, these forecasts have, on average, always overstated the degree to which the Earth is warming compared with what we see in the real climate. These are smart professional guys and I can learn from their views. On the other hand, Christy and Spencer’s estimates of the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere have consistently underestimated global warming.

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I really like it. Bluethough Grif is usually justified in that Sarge is an Ax-Crazy Neidermeyer who makes killing off Grif his priority in his plans, no matter how detrimental it would be to the situation. The farmers have been the first benefitting from Contraeian banks to get cheap money lended to them, and they made tremendous gains in productivity, and therefore the supply is quite ample.

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Those glasses are inappropriate for beers! Vintage RV core stuff here.

Contrarian calls and macro opportunities

For traders, you couldn’t pick a better venue for information and trade ideas. His express job as an AI was to instill doubt, after all.

I hope congrarian build a conservative majority in the U. Daine Jir apparently often called Vader’s judgment into question while on missions, but at the same time he was thought to be a model Imperial officer, as he could follow orders explicitly when he saw the sense in them, and he usually accepted Vader’s explanation after asking him about his planned course of action.


The second explanation is favored, but the issue is still open. Big thumbs up from me! Your party members and you, if you choose to oppose her for no real reason will still chew out Merrill for her career choice, and make no mention of Hawke’s own display of grotesque magic. Steve Milloy, the operator of the climate change denial website JunkScience.

Contrarian Eclectica favours China

For everyone concerned about the food on the table. He lost the general election, by the way. Thank you Dave, Tony and Tommy. Normally, I would agree with Simmons. In Canadian and Australian politics, the largest minority party will form an unofficial “shadow cabinet” which is not as evil as it sounds which pokes holes at and creates “Option B” type policies to whatever the majority party proposes.

His purpose in life seems to consist of deliberately choosing the most stupid course of action possible and self-righteously accusing anyone who disagrees with him as having ulterior motives like his own. Commander Contrarian doesn’t just carry the Conflict Ballthey hold the world hackey-sack record for keeping it aloft.

Third, it simply averages together two satellite TMT data sets presumably from UAH and Remote Sensing Systemsignoring the fact that there is a large difference in the estimated warming trends from these two data sets, and that other TMT data sets that Christy and McNider excluded show even greater TMT warmingmore in line with model projections.


This can be either because Commander Contrarian is the Alpha Bitchjealous of the hero’s position like a good aligned Starscreama Grumpy Bearor just a plain ol’ Jerkass. Search Now you can search stock related news and private companies such as Airbnb. Trade the food prop and kitchen table for scotch on leather coasters around a round table and leather chairs.

He intentionally sets off a Naquadah Bomb on a Naquadah-rich planet against all objections on how dangerous this is, then seems surprised when it causes the entire planet to be destroyed and send deadly radiation back through the Stargate.

The term “denier” merely refers to ” a person who denies ” something, and originated some years ago, long before the Holocaust occurred. Decker would be justified in being Commander Contrarian, as it is repeatedly shown that he does know the refit Enterprise far better than Kirk.

Also, before getting into the outright betrayal he’s best known for, the original Starscream seemed to exist only to tell Megatron how stupid his plan was, often without having his own idea. Grif usually plays this role for Sarge in Red vs. These are smart professional guys and I can learn from their views. He calls you reckless and stupid. The British government does this too, because of their tradition of a new government taking over contrariian after an election as opposed to America’s two-month “lame duck” period.

Great format, great discussion.