It has been freshly pulled from a fully working Xerox model Wide Format. Scanners do not come with stands unless noted. If they don’t, you’re not in a REAL hardware store better hightail it out of there before they try to sell you some kinda mauve sofa doily or somethin’. These models can for the most part be made to work on a modern computer: Import, Export, Remove and Edit Layers up to 32k of them! See each listing for international shipping options and costs. The pre models that were made by Vidar can be a great choice if you can find a refurbished or used one in good shape at the right price.

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This wide format color scanner is used, had been well taken care of, great conditions. Avoid these – they will not work on a modern computer.

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Dimension,Symbol, Hotspot, Highlighter Productivity enhancement tools: Availability and prices of our Specials are subject to change without notice and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Currently, they manufacture and sell scanners under the Colortrac brand and also the Ana Tech Eagle series for high end applications.

Well, this is for you. They capture 30 bit color data and can be calibrated to output fzs in accordance with international IT8 color standards. As used in Oce TDS system. Scanners do not come with stands unless noted. This list focuses on ones that typically can be economically brought back into service. Because they came standard with on-board mono support and feature 24 bit RGB for grayscale, they’re very desirable.


View in 2D projection mode – a unique 4-way display of pure models as drawings; Switch from 2D to 3D mode and vice-versa through the View menu; Load and display 2D and 3D files simultaneously; Change how the 3D model is displayed through the View Options dialog box; Choose from Smooth Shading, Flat Shading, Wireframes and Points display styles; Apply separate display styles for the model in ‘Still’ and ‘Interactive’ modes; Wireframe Views; 3D Model cross-sectioning: Imagenation can read more than file formats this list may be incomplete on different platforms.

Three modes of operation. Rasterize any vector file — single or multipage, single or multilayer, or just the base image Change raster’s resolution full range of dpi Negate the image Mirror the image Despeckle — bilevel despeckling cleans black and white noise separately or combined, up fxs pixel clusters!

Not long after, all scanners bearing the Vidar name became Contex designs. Older model large fds wide format scanners can be obtained from us in pristine, refurbished condition. It’s important to do some research before you buy, if you don’t want to end up with the world’s largest doorstop! Failure to do so will forfeit your right to file a freight claim. Input file formats support: Great machines at very attractive prices to fit any budget: Scanner, power cable, and USB cable.


When performing a color scan on a document mounted on posterboard using a late model Contex, Oce’, Vidar, or CalComp scanner, temporarily attach a 3 inch wide strip of scrap posterboard to the leading edge. How can you tell if it’s SCSI? The graphical user interface is bright. We can also locate a particular model of interest and refurbish it for you. Colortrac Ci Series Brochure. Import, Export, Remove and Edit Layers up to 32k of them!

Popular Older Model Scanners The following is information on some of the more popular older models of large and wide format scanners that you’ll typically see on the used market. Contex CFR 2 Yes.

Wide Format Scanner

Popular Older Model Scanners. Then, slap yourself on the head for not doing this sooner! Stock factory machines do have one flaw: After installing both the driver and software we If sfs doesn’t, stay away.