You can click the ellipsis icon to browse to the file location. Both labels refer to the same Cognos configuration. Complete the New Resource – Database dialog box as follows: To find the version of installed JRE: When you click OK to acknowledge the warning message, the system opens another dialog box with more information. Create an Enterprise-specific role for each enterprise.

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Setting up connectivity for Oracle data sources

The system prompts for confirmation that you want to delete the Content Store. For example, you can ignore warnings that the mail server cannot be reached see the previous illustration. Modify the existing values of the following parameters only if oacle database changed from the 7. Process any warning message as follows: Both labels refer to the same Cognos configuration.

Configure Oracle 12g Connection in Cognos – Rollito Insights

Set the Enable CAF validation? If there are no problems with the configuration, the system completes the test phase and starts the IBM Cognos 10 service successfully. Set the Allow anonymous access? Wait until the all the configuration tasks are processed and the status for each task appears.


None of cognks above, continue with my search. During the Cognos service restart, a warning message may appear. Process any warning message as follows: The new module mapping is added to the Module Mapping list.

Cognos Controller Controller Software version: Coghos the Mapping tab, and select Invoke handler only if request is mapped to: The Cognos – Namespace – Resource properties screen appears. Enter the values case sensitive for the items as shown in the following table: If these role services are already installed, click Cancel.

The screenshot below shows what you would need to enter: Specify the Connection typeand click Next. In the Physical path field, enter the complete pracle to the Cognos 10 Web content directory.

Configuring the Cognos 8 Environment Use the following procedure to configure the Cognos 8 environment. For example, you may ignore warnings that the mail server cannot be reached see the previous illustration.

Navigate to Security, right-click Authentication, click New resource, and then select Namespace. Enter the database instance name for the Cognos 10 repository in the Service name field. Click Close to exit. The system begins to orqcle the IBM Cognos 10 service.


For more information about the warnings and errors, click Details. This section comprises the following sub-section: Before attempting to configure the cognoe, verify that you have installed all required hardware and software.

Configuring the Cognos 10 Environment

In the Actions cognnos, click the Add. Right-click your newly-created Cognos 10 virtual directory, and select Add Virtual Directory. To ignore the warnings and errors, and complete the process of starting the IBM Cognos 10 service, click Continue. Open the Actions menu and select Restart to restart the Cognos 10 service. Navigate to Administrative Toolsand select Server Manager.