Conveniently located microphone gain and volume control knobs make precise adjustment a breeze. See Optional Accessories below. Great video showing all you can do with the MicPort Pro. Every serious studio needs to have a backup plan. It is recognised natively, without special drivers.

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On my mic the lighted collar did not contact at all and caused no problems. Print Print with pricing Print unpriced.

An application capable of recording the output of the pre-amplifier must be available on the host computer, such as Windows sound recorder. Show More Show Less. Low 6ms round-trip latency and high stability. This mivport either be attached directly to a suitable microphone, or connected using a microphone cable.

My goal is to have a setup that will allow me to still record voice overs when on business trips for my “real” job. I’m a full-time pro voice talent, have been running my own studio since This item doesn’t belong on this page. The CEntrance MicPort Pro is the easiest way to capture a professional-quality vocal take, communicate with clarity over Skype or record studio-grade instrument samples. It captures the cleanest signal, making it an ideal choice for professional recordings.

CENTRANCE MICPORT PRO MICROPHONE PREAMPLIFIER USB, single channel, with headphone output, phantom

At the most minimal, a reporter could take a microphone, the MicPort pro and cable, and a USB memory stick to a miclort, and use computers already on site to record an interview, and perhaps some notes, to the USB stick. Please contact Technical Support for advice on alternatives or see below for suggestions. Then just last night, again I was out of town on a family vacation.


An audition came in for a regular client of mine – my hit ratio with her is very good, so it seemed like low-hanging fruit so to speak. For stereo lro, two units will be required, as well as a special driver, if using Windows, so a notebook computer and some microphone cables, and maybe suitable headphones will be more appropriate.

More items related to this product. Clear collar prevents XLR from seating properly This product does what it’s supposed to do, and that’s simply being a Blue Icicle centrabce with a durable body.

It is recognised natively, without special drivers. Great video showing all you can do with the MicPort Pro. The little beauty also saved my bacon when centrancr home studio computer flaked out on me. Now I’m able to use my Shure mic again and the clarity is so much better than what I had been using!

MicPort Pro USB Mic Preamp

MicPortPro – recording 10 minutes out of the box! MicPort Pro uses a low-noise, Class A microphone preamp that features a truly balanced signal path, fully shielded design, and an ultra-fast transient response all of which places it in a professional class of preamps. I connected the MicPortPro to my other computer, one I normally keep for personal use only, and I was in business again in just a few minutes.

I was able to record that national cable TV voice-over for my regular client on schedule, thanks to the MicPortPro.

CEntrance MicPort Pro bit 96khz Compact USB Microphone Preamp | eBay

Skip to main content. With a headphone socket offering zero-latency monitoring the MicPort Pro is aimed at professional applications such as recording vocals and overdubs, instruments and amplifiers, podcasting, broadcasting and interviewing.

MicPort Pro is perfect for recording vocals and overdubs, miking instruments and amplifiers, podcasting, broadcasting and interviewing including stereo.


A performer wearing headphones connected to the headphone socket will hear the program material from the computer in stereo, and the microphone signal in mono, placed in the middle.

Within 10 minutes the drivers had automatically loaded, I opened my copy of Sound Forge and recorded a couple of tracks.

CEntrance MicPort Pro 24-bit 96khz Compact USB Microphone Preamp

This low-noise microphone pre-amplifier plugs into a ribbon, dynamic or condenser microphone and connects it to a computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac OS X People who bought this also bought. Sign up for Year Round Deals! Ordering information Pricing not available There is centranec character limit.

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Just plug in and record.