This unique cable allows you to easily connect two computers with USB. Installation Your particular environment may require drive letters or folder names different than those mentioned here. This driver should work with at least the following devices: Current versions are considered high power devices that is, they consume more than ma when in operating mode. Now you can upgrade your computer. Problem The installation procedure produces the message:

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Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Powerline Communications solution with an Intellon. The former can test the operation of the adapter both with the USB interface and when on the Ethernet. Forum only search News: If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, the user will be responsible to correct the interference at his own expense.

Computer Access Technology Corp. ProConnect is a registered trademark of Linksys. You may be asked to specify file locations on the Windows CD, or on the software installation diskette. Linux-based “Gumstix” PXAx based systems use this protocol. Select it if you have.


Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_USB_CATC: USB CATC NetMate-based Ethernet device support

No part of this manual may be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or reduced to electronic medium or machine-readable form without prior written consent form CATC.

To register your product.

Unfortunate seeing as I bought it because it was on the supported list, nstmate it just arrived. User Manual Copyright Apricorn, Inc. You require additional information about adding or removing network drivers. Information in this document has been carefully checked for accuracy; More information. It is possible that you do have the proper OS, but there is no connection between the motherboard and the USB connectors on the bracket. Plenty of drivers for a great deal of operating netate.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or More information. For complete warranty details and a list of our worldwide offices, More information. Say “y” to link the driver staticallyor “m” to build a. Current versions are considered high power devices that is, they consume more than ma when in operating mode. Notice to Users 2Wire, Inc. Unplugging a Link from the Windows machine, and plugging a different Link into the same port, will cause a problem in the protocol software.


All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. Connect the network cable to the network port and to the Link.

Make the connection as requested. See our newsletter archive for past announcements. We also believe everyone should be able to afford it.

If a defect is discovered. The Link did not properly enumerate. Next if you go into the control panel After your system comes up reconnect the CATC hub, when win98 recognizes the device point the program to directory you copied the files from the floppy.

I have High Speed Cable internet, with a little external ethernet port, which is where my problem lies.

A printed copy of this manual is available from CATC upon request.