I just ordered and this will only be available until they run out of their 2. Hey I really don’t mean to be rude but Seems HDV print-to-tape option will only work if you have realtime hardware ie. I was told that in a 32bit slot it disabled the RT component out basically making it a SD card. There are some ‘interesting’ ‘features’ in LE6 involving imported stills and rubberbanded audio I think there is a fix for that one.

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Well after some more phone waiting I talked to Tech Support about the expired message for Edius 3.

Canopus Announces Edius NX for HDV

I have played with some of the converted M2T video and it was slow until I set my project to height. Go ahead and chuckle i can guarantee canopus will work just fine. So you made me think of going with a “step upgrade” solution: At least its working now. I was told that in a 32bit slot it disabled the RT component out basically making it a SD card. You may also want to consider Adobe Premiere Pro with the Cineform Aspect HD plugin, which appears to be the most efficient choice if you only have a single-processor editing system.

Hey I really don’t mean to be rude but For most people anyway. I understand that Edius NX is the best real time solution but I am concerned about plug ins.


Randall Morton February 16th, Don’t worry, it’ll probably be in before it reaches 3. Thanks again everybody for the great forum I’m using it now for my “basic” HDV editing – the JKL jog-shuttle works quite well playing back the HDV preview onscreen in semi-real-time, rather than “stuttering” along.

If not, join it – you will benefit tremendously not to take anything away from here – there just isn’t as big a group of Edius users here, that’s all! I like to use Magic Bullet and some other plugins so I guess I would not be able to use most of them or any of them with Edius.

Grass Valley / Canopus EDIUS NX Express NLE Systems

I would recommend buying the complete package that Canopus sells. Okay, Canopus is da bomb!

Hardware solutions tend to be more stable, faster and offer a lot more than software-only solutions. I would not run a Firewire connection through edis anyway.

I can report the Edius NX is a great product, the only caveat is the computer has to be pretty impressive to make it work. Maybe the program will be good but the customer service sucks. Of course, I’m editing native m2t’s – so that alone to us is an advantage in terms of time, disk space So I think we’ll have to wait for the Z Even lower memory bandwidth sytems perform well. Maybe Ron is alluding to real-time playback through the Raptor out to a monitor-preview via firewire?


Canopus Announces EDIUS NX For HDV – Videoguys Blog Videoguys Blog

For this reason I would not recommend using Pinnacle. I was surprised it didn’t make it in this version. Do you think this is enough to keep me from upgrading for a while? At present the NX is the only solution that does. At this point I would never recommend anyone buy this product because of the custormer service.

Grass Valley Canopus EDIUS NX for HDV PCI-X with EDIUS Pro 4 Software

Mark Kubat February 14th, I think Edius “standing alone” would need a lot of muscle behind it to perform as you’re hoping – I understand now why everyone is talking these crazy specs for HDV Thanks for the advice Kevin and Darren. Michael Dontigney December 2nd, It took a few hours to get it installed, registered etc.

With my XP Edius capture will not work probably because it has a preview screen and my XP cannot process all this data in realtime.