The Fluorite element inside of the lens defeats color aberration – the effect when components of light stray from one another within a lens, causing a reduction in sharpness, contrast and color. The CH holds two battery packs and can charge them one after the other. Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you GL2 that you can purchase direct. It corrects camera shake instantly. To accommodate this, the GL2 can be set to permanently record this information by superimposing it over the video image. Most features are easy to use.

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And now it iseating tapes, and needs to be serviced-as soon as you put in a tape, the tape eject signal comes on. This allows the camcorder to achieve resolution equal to camcorders with nearly twice as many pixels in video recording. Pixel Shift This camocrder solves common shooting dilemmas by using a signal processing technique called Pixel Shift, which has been used in professional grade video cameras for many years.

The glass is crystal clear, and the test footage looks amazing! In really quite environments, the in stock microphone picks up sounds from the tape mechanism but not a problem when there is sufficient ambient sound. Most relevant reviews See all 64 reviews.

Canon GL2 Specs – CNET

Canon has improved a broadcast technology to create a new form of Pixel Shift technology, producing higher picture quality than that of camcorders ccamcorder CCDs with almost twice the number of pixels. This is menu-selectable and electronically squeezes the image being recorded to tape. An improved design and higher resolution cwnon this better than the original fly, but The image is amazing and I think the sound tops it all.


Through this is considered a pro-sumer camera it barely has enough features to create quality video – no xlr jack, no manual zoom, a horribly annoying auto-power off function that has a tendency to turn off at the most inopportune times. You can also refer to the full-color white [nominal], green [strong], yellow [warning], red [clipping] level meters on the LCD panel, or use the full-color ones in the viewfinder. Lithium ion – manufacturer-specific.

The professional L-Series lenses utilize Fluorite, a material which provides outstanding resolution, contrast and color reproduction, especially in lightweight, high-magnification lenses.

Canon GL2 Professional MiniDV Camcorder for Sale

I like the extreme portability and the all the features the camera packs. Lightweight construction and adaptable to attachments also are pluses to consider.

Character Recording Some video applications such as law enforcement, including interrogations, crime scene documentation, depositions and court room proceedings require identification of date, time and time code of each recording.

It is exactly the same with digital video. Also, you can change the microphone frequency characteristics to match the recording condition normal, voice, windscreen. The GL2 is designed to handle two types of analog input and output: I found out the hard way. Sony VX series Date published: The GL2 camcoreer very video-ish and not enough like film.


Canon GL2 Camcorder – Black/Silver

This will prove immensely beneficial if you are editing your footage on your personal computer or a professional video editing system. The numbers represent the ratio of the screen width to its height. I admit that you can’t get a true 24p film look from the camera, but it does make a very nice picture.

L-Series Fluorite Lens Canon has satisfied the demands of experienced image makers for years through the power, design and quality of their 35mm and broadcast TV lenses. Built-in Optical Image Stabilizer.

So having a way to find a particular image is a necessity. While the minicassettes may not be as compact as memory cards, they are tiny enough to pack dozens along if need be, and each will hold from 80 to minutes of video, depending on the speed you choose.

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One camera had 3 times failed zoom mechanism. The features and image qualityare good for the price, but the mechanics of this camera arenot what you’d expect from Canon. The Gl2 is great for it’s size, weight, simplicity and picture quality for a prosumer camera.

I never use the digital zoom, yuck. This time code accurately identifies every point on the DV tape by hour, minute, second and frame. I highly recommend it.