Click here for a deeper technical explanation of these problems. One of them might be adapted like this in the […]. Please take a moment to vote for my entries in the Hack It! The 1k resistor on the Rx pin is for limiting the current through the input protection diode if the Tx line exceeds 5V. Funciona no windows 7 32 bits. By Jason , April 5, 6: I tune automotive performance ECUs and have struggled for years with an electronics store brand that

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I had a 6 conductor wire cat5 8 conductor would have worked too that I used. By AnonymousAugust 2, 9: Do not hook up your USB cable just yet.

USB Serial Adapter – Windows 10 Compatible High-Speed RS adapter

The methods described here should work in general for cables using different chips. Easy setup and online support usb serial adapter drivers for all ftdi chip usb serial adapter cables including windows 7 serial usb driver and windows 8 32 and 64bit.

By wizzyFebruary 24, Just search for PL or CP Earlier in the article I mentioned that my cable had too extraneous wires. Anyway here are the most updated windows drivers I could find:. By NitinAugust 6, 3: People usually did it with a 3rd party chip.


The next section explains how to make it a lot nicer. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Cabo conversor usb x serial clone driver

So even though the cable puts out only 3. Serial to Ethernet Converters. I picked up a RS IR receiver many years ago and used it to control my computer via virtually any remote. Hi Thomson, Thanks for the reply. To do this press down and hold the reset button, click Upload, count off X seconds then release the reset button.

Check out his blog too, he posts some cool […]. That is, if the top section was overlaid on the bottom all the vias would line up. Added a thread on edaboard — http: Unplug the USB cable.

By Petr SakharovJune 20, 2: Depending on the value in the eeprom, the chip will request either ma or ma. I explain how to do this in the article. It is convetsor removed clond wedging a spudger I used a guitar pick into the seam and gently working the two pieces apart. Plug the cable in. Our new laptop with Windows 8, using my My new Arduino USB cable worked great! I did not unsolder them for fear of breaking some unknown connection, rather I simply clipped them at their pads.


Installing a USB Serial Adapter on Mac OS X – Plugable

By Saul FloresJune 13, 2: Electronics — jethomson 5: Any chance you could send the driver to me or post it somewhere? Guess the pads were labelled intending to actually go to the mcu. A primeira coisa […]. The link from the above post for the drivers is here: Jonathan, I ordered my Nokia cable from HongKong and followed your writeup.